What is Facebook?

Facebook is a website at which people of all ages can interact with each other. Like people interact physically, at Facebook they interact with messages. Anyone can message their friends, write something about themselves, on which someone could also comment. People can share their photos, videos with their friends, voice or video chat with others and more.

How Facebook Works?

We use Facebook by first opening where you are asked to sign in with your username and password. If you are opening the Facebook for the first time, you can create a new account on the same page, and it’s quick and easy!

What You Can do At

Once you sign in to Facebook, you can do lots of thing on Facebook including:

Find and connect to people (friends): Facebook allows you to find people who also use Facebook, using their names or email addresses. Once you search for a person, usually your friends, if her/his name shows up in the search result, you can send him a friend request. That person would get a notification of your request; and if he accepts your request you both will be connected with each other, and can do a lot of things, which I will write about in detail below.

Messaging: People (friends) who you are connected with can send you messages, and you can send them messages too. You can voice and video chat with them also (no cost involved).  You can even send them a message when they are offline. It means when they will sign in to Facebook, they will receive your message that you had sent when they were offline.

Sharing of Pictures & Videos: You can create and share your pictures, picture albums as well as videos with your friends. When you share them with your friends, they can see them on their Facebook page when they sign in.

Write and Share Your Status with Friends: Facebook allows you to write and share your status with your Facebook friends.  You can write anything like what you are doing right now, where have been for dinner lately, or anything. You can share your status with your friends and let them comment on that also.

Play Games: In addition to status sharing, messaging, multimedia sharing, you can also play games at Facebook. There are tons of free games available at Facebook that you can play and enjoy!

Poke Friends: You can poke your friends. Poke means you are doing knock, knock on them. If someone has been out of touch for long, or for any other reason you can poke them, so they know they want their attraction, so they should message you or something.

These are the things you can do at Facebook. Interesting in joining community of 1 billion people at Facebook?  Go on then open and create yourself an account, it’s free, quick and easy!

Facebook is fun, but it is addictive, too.  Facebook has many advantages but Facebook has some disadvantages, too.  However it’s entirely up to you how you utilize Facebook.

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