What is a Cloud Hosting

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Many people know what a simple web hosting is but most are un-familiar with cloud hosting. So, here I am going to explain to you in easy words what cloud hosting is and i will also recommend to you the best cloud hosting service, if you ever wish to purchase one.

What is a Cloud Hosting?

It is a web hosting where all the back-end applications, such as PHP and databases, etc. run on software called as virtual machines, instead of a physical machine. What does that mean? We know that to run a website, we need to store web files somewhere, and maybe also need a database. All this stuff usually runs on a physical server.

In the case of cloud hosting, between the user and the server virtual machines are placed. Many virtual machines are placed on a single physical server to divide the server into multiple virtual servers.  This virtual machines runs all the required software like PHP, ASP.NET or database, etc.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Further to answering “what is cloud hosting”, let’s also read benefits of cloud hosting. So, why would we need to create this middle thing between the server and the user? The reason is to give the user a dedicated, un-shared, an independent place to run the different applications. So, you may run PHP on one virtual machine, and a database on another virtual machine and another application on a third virtual machine. So, the benefit of doing this is to give the user a secure, fast and a private place to run the applications. The big websites like Amazon, eBay, etc prefer to use cloud hosting for the same benefits.

You might heard of the term ‘dedicated hosting’. In this, all the applications run on one independent server and there are no virtual machines (nothing in the middle to run the applications!) So, all the applications have the same server software running them. That is a big difference between a dedicated hosting and cloud hosting that in cloud hosting. By having an independent virtual machines acting as independent servers to run your different applications, you get the maximum computing power and secure transactions.

Where to Buy a Cloud Hosting Service?

There are many cloud server providers, and of course there are some fastest cloud hosting services and some are cheaper or costlier than the others. Some of them include AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and more. I would recommend you to look at Cloudways hosting service. Cloudways is actually a middleman that let you purchase cloud hosting from top cloud hosting service providers at the original or even lesser rate. Cloudways is a highly reputed company and is used by top big websites. You can find the available cloud hosting plans on their website.

This article answered your question “What is a Cloud Hosting”. Hope this was helpful.

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