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What Is Google Adsense Premium Account?

You know what is Adsense but what is Adsense Premium? Well, the Adsense Premium account gives you special privileges, like you can create ads of your liking, with special effects like mouse-over, more customizable designs, and much more. Read on to find out about Adsense Premium account features:

Adsense Premium Features

1. Revenue terms: You can customize revenue terms. It means that you can negotiate with Google how much share they will give you from the clicks.

2. Adsense help:  Google gives a rep to help you optimize your website as well as the ads to blend best with the website, so chances of more earning are increased

3. Ad Designs: You can customize font, styles, font size, basically design the complete ad format yourself, to your liking.

4. Labling: Premium Adsense publishers can remove the label Ads by Google.

5. More Ads: Google Adsense Premium publisher account holders can place more than three ads on a page, whereas, the simple Adsense account holders can place only three.

This was about Adsense Premium account. If you are interested to learn more, you may email Google for more details.

How Do You Get Adsense Premium Account?

But how do you get a Premium Adsense account? Well even Google does not provide details, and has kept the criteria, and the procedure hidden for some reason.

So far what I have come to know about the Premium Adsense account is that you only get an invite from Google for becoming a premium Adsense member. And who gets the invite? Good question! Website with solid traffic, unique large number of visitors  (five million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month) get the invite.

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