Find here the most useful Skype commands that you will need anytime.

1. Remotely log out Skype

May be you left your Skype signed in at your friend’s or at your office and worried that someone might use your account and see your contacts.

It’s not a problem any more. Now you can log out Skype, where ever you have assigned, remotely.

Enter the following command in any chat window in Skype to remotely log out from all the computer/mobile phones where you are currently assigned


2. Find out where you are currently signed in

If you want to see that on which computers or smartphones you are currently signed in, enter the following command in any Skype chat window:


3. Change Skype Password from Skype window

You dont need to sign into to change your Skype password. You can change it from Skype window itself. Just enter the following command:

/set password [your password]  e.g /set password Food123

4. Add a text after your name.

There is a way to add any text in front of your name by using this command:

 /me [text]   e.g /me working from my home   Example output: Adam ‘working from my home’

5. Find a specific text in your chat.

Sometimes you need to find a specific word or sentence in your chat but the chat is too long to find something in it. Use the following command to find any text in your chat:

/find [text]  e.g /find Evan   This will highlight Evan in the entire chat

6. Disable message notifications

Sometimes you don’t want to receive new message notification so use this command to disable new message notifications:


7. Kick someone out from a group call

Enter command /kick to have the person removed from the group call or chat

8. See list of group member names

If you want to see names of Skype group chat members, just enter command /showmembers to see their names.

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