Increasing Trend of Using Smartphones In Restrooms

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Smartphones have become a great example of loyal companionship. Most people can’t think of stepping out of their houses without their phones. The habit, or more rightly the addiction, is much stronger than you may think. Many people even take phones to their restrooms. This might seem funny but it is true and surveys have found out that more than 75% of the Smartphone users take their phones to their washrooms and even use them while being in there.

As Smartphones are modern day PDAs, they facilitate us in a number of different ways. The kind of applications that are used while being in the toilet greatly depends upon the Smartphone that you own. For example:

Android Users

As the Android OS caters to a wide domain of applications, the Android Smartphone user is more likely to surf the internet, chat and use various gaming applications as well as check the social media and emails.

Blackberry Users

A blackberry user is most likely a serious looking business personnel or a human resources executive. He must use the phone, while in the washroom, for checking his important mails or looking at some important documents or files. He would hardly indulge in a useless game or App.

The Habit of Using Smartphone in the Restroom: Its Pros & Cons

With that being said, most people have claimed of taking phone calls or an affirmation that they would not mind attending a call while sitting on their porcelain throne.

This trending habit could also become dangerous for health. According to a research, 16% of cell phones were found with traces of feces. It also suggests that we should avoid using the Smartphones of our friends as we don’t really know what they have been through. Similarly, buying used Smartphone could pose risk to your health.

Some Tips

It is a good idea to wipe your phone off with a good sanitizer. There are plenty of cleaning sprays for this purpose. But never expose your phone to strong and harsh chemicals and window cleaners.

As you read above, mobile phones are increasingly being used in toilets. Do you also use your phone while in your restroom? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about this act.

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