Everyone has heard about NASA, but there are many interesting facts about NASA that you probably haven’t heard before. So, here comes the 8 top interesting facts about NASA.

1. In case NASA finds life on any other planet, it has a department that has responsibility to make sure that no other life can harm our planet. Furthermore, their duty is to diver ways on how to protect us, our planet and its environment from different types of attacks by the aliens

2. Once three Yemeni men sued NASA for landing their vehicles on Mars. They claimed that Mars is their property and they inherited it from their ancestors.

3. NASA accidentally copied over thousands of tapes that contained videos on moon landing. However, copies were available with other organizations from where NASA restored the videos.

4. NASA runs experiment in which they will pay you for laying on the bed for months so that they can observe how muscles and bones may deteriorate in space when astronaut stay in one place for long times.

5. During the staff training sessions, NASA shows the Armageddon movie and asks the staff to identify scientific inaccuracies in it.

6. The inventor of Super Soacker (water gun), Lonnie Johnson was a NASA scientist.

7. NASA receives 0.005% in funding from the yearly budget.

8. The last of the top facts about NASA is that NASA is aiming to send humans to Mars by 2025. They also plan to build houses and create and make available all the necessities there that are required by humans.

These were top NASA facts, hope you enjoyed these 🙂

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