Benefits of Walking That You Must Know

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Our body demands frequent and rapid movements. These movements are required stay fit and healthy and active in our life. Regular movements such as exercising or walking ensures good health, and keeps you away from malfunctions and diseases. Furthermore immunity is boosted that helps fight germs and virus.  One very simple, easy and effective movement for the human body is walking and the health benefits of walking are countless. The more you walk , the more body is blessed with all the benefits of walking thus giving you best of health and a strong immune system to fight against diseases and illnesses. There are numerous benefits of walking including:

Benefits of Walking

Health benefits of walking related to the physical activity are numerous. The few of which whose result is more apparent include getting rid of joint pains, decreased stroke risks, lowered and controlled blood pressures, much better and relaxed night sleep, decreased stresses, enhanced memory and minimal depressions, and many more. These benefits are pertinent to the more physical aspect of the body functions, walking thus where is beneficial for the human health, the benefits of walking also encompass various health benefits associated with mental and emotional aspects of humans.

Slowing Down of Mental Regression

Benefits of walking envisage the blessing of slowing and minimizing down the mental regression, linked with human age. Research at the University of California, San Francisco has revealed that women who walk an average distance of three miles per day were observed with seventeen percent decline in memory while on the other hand the women who walked lesser than half mile even in a week experienced twenty five percent regressions in memory.

Reduced Alzheimer’s Risk

Amazingly another interesting health benefit of walking is associated with miraculous prevention of Alzheimer disease. Extensive study done at University of Virginia health system has revealed that men between the age of 70 to 90 years and walked regularly per day were prone to very less chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to others who walked very less.

Better Sleep

Sleep improvement is another benefit of walking, a study has revealed that individuals between the age of 50 and 75 years who walk around one hour in the morning, are very less prone to Insomnia as compared to those who never did this exercise.

Effects on Mood

Various other health benefits of walking envisage the lightening of the mood, as it has been proven now that a walk of thirty minutes per day boosts the mood in patients with depression much faster than the antidepressants. The individuals who walk daily have more stable moods than people who are not into the regular walking habit.

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