Advantages of iPad

So you have got a new iPad or planning to get one?  It’s a good decision! Find out below the many advantages of iPad to you.


The obvious main advantage of Apple iPads is that they are highly portable, which can be carried around anywhere. This makes your office and personal life easier as you can stay in touch with people anywhere you go, without worrying and the hassle of taking desktop or laptop computer with you, which are heavy, takes space, and not always convenient to take with you.

Easy to Fit & Carry

iPad’s weight is around 650 grams, and it measures 9.5 (H) x 7.3 (W). It makes the iPad easy to carry with you, in your pocket, your suitcase, your office briefcase, and you can take it with you anywhere you want easily.

It Turns on Quickly

One of the greatest benefits of using an iPad is that, unlike PC or Mac, the Apple iPad turns on almost instantly when you switch it on.  So if you’ve got an email to send, use want to use Facebook, calendar to schedule your tasks,  or word processing software or anything, just switch on the iPad and in a couple seconds the iPad is ready to perform your work.

Apps Galore

There are tons of home and business applications available from the Apple iTunes store, out of which hundreds of them are available free of cost. You can download games, and applications for business and home use and all are easily downloadable from the iTunes store, with just a few clicks.

Easy Communication

One of the main benefits of an iPad is that it allows you to conveniently stay in touch with people through web-mail, social networking websites, forums and through other means that are available to us on laptop/desktop computers.

Cheap Apps

There are tons of free and non-free apps available to use on an iPad. If you ever need an app that you couldn’t find free, you can purchase the app for a very little cost. The iPad apps are available at a very low cost so you can save money while you perform daily-life computing.

Very Easy to Use

An iPad is very easy to use. You don’t need anyone to teach you, you don’t need to search for help on how to use it, an iPad is very simple to use and anyone can use it with convenience.

Works Just as an eBook Reader

You can do eBook reading on an iPad. Many people say an iPad is more comfortable than Kindle for eBook reading.

Awesome Battery Life

iPads have excellent battery lives. You can work on an iPad, playing games, surfing internet, and more for more than 11 hours – that’s awesome!

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