Whatsapp has become the hot favorite of masses who use Android Apps for text chatting. No wonder, it is convenient and simple to use, free for the first year of usage and helps sending videos, audio files, text messages and images. Whatsapp does not provide the facility of password protection; it could be seen as the downside by many. But many smart Apps have been created that assist in providing privacy for Whatsapp.

Lock for WhatsApp: Keep Privacy

This app is one of the best Apps that provide protection for WhatsApp; this App provides all the facilities for maintaining privacy and is a creative design as well. After setting up the password, you would need to enter the 4 digit PIN to access WhatsApp. One can set up the time limit after which WhatsApp will be automatically locked. The protection could be disabled as well.

The most interesting feature of this App is that if a wrong PIN is entered, the camera automatically captures the image of instigator. Of course, this feature will work only with the phones that feature front cameras.

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Easy App Lock

Easy App Lock is another App that provides pattern lock in place of a plain password. Hence, anyone who does not rely on PINs or passwords could deploy this App. Pattern locks are definitely harder to break in.

Lock For WhatsApp

This App provides both, the custom password and pattern lock. Once bored, you could toggle between the available kinds of locks. Hence, it provides more flexibility of choice.

Once protected by the password, Whatsapp becomes just the perfect choice for chatting through internet. It should be kept in mind that the files received go into folders in the memory and won’t be protected by these locks. These locks only secure the access into the Application. Take proper measures to protect your files received through Whatsapp!

This is how to save your privacy on WhatsApp. You can download all these apps from the Android Play Store. Now you will no longer worry about having your personal information and messages revealed to others!

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