Admit it or not, most of us use Facebook for stalking purposes. Well, Facebook is made for that, isn’t it? You extract stalking from Facebook, there is almost nothing left.

With Graph search, stalking has taken a whole new level. The privacy policy stays the same but now the data could be retrieved in a more compact and arranged format.

The Display Photo

Many people around the world feel safe after putting their display photos in privacy. But does making the display photo private mean that nobody can see it? This is not the case. Install a good Hover Zoom app from Chrome Web store into your Google Chrome and you are all set to see anyone’s profile photo, public or not!

Keeping a Track of Activities

While the private activities stay private; there is no loophole to see them. The public activities could be traced easily. Here, the powerful tool of Graph Search comes into play. For example, seeing what photos your target likes, search for ‘photos liked by XYZ’. You could dig in deeper by searching with the query ‘Photos XYZ commented on’. Similarly, using smart Graph search queries, you could see the photos of XYZ with ABC. You could see the stuff they like and the places they have been to.

Gathering the Public Photos of your target

Many times, people are tagged and tag themselves carelessly on Facebook. But with Graph Search, it is advisable to be careful with tagging. Typing ‘Photos of XYZ’ would result in a compilation of all the public photos of your target.

If your target is your friend too!

We don’t always stalk the people who are not on our friend list. Many times, we stalk our friends too. All the above tricks, if applied on stalking a person already in your friends list, will provide much better and elaborate results.

Stalking might feel immoral, but it is fun! Isn’t it?

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