Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

By using Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you can make it easier and quicker to use. Here are Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to make computing easier...

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

The Windows key is found on almost all models of PC keyboards. The key has an image of the Windows logo. It is typically located to the left of the space bar. Many Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts use the Windows key. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that work with the Windows key; you can use these in your Windows 10.

Windows Key -  Opens the Windows Start menu

Windows Key + M - Minimizes all open windows

Windows Key + Space bar - Makes all windows transparent, the desktop becomes visible while the keys are pressed.

Windows Key + D  - Minimizes all windows and shows the desktop. Forcefully minimizes windows that don't allow minimizing at certain times.

Windows Key + Down Arrow - Minimizes small sized windows and reduces maximized windows

Windows Key + Up Arrow - Maximizes small sized windows to full screen.

Windows Key + = - Opens the Windows Magnifier program

Windows Key + Tab - Cycles through all the open windows

Windows Key + L - Locks the computer

Windows Key + P - Opens the Presentation View that lets you switch to a projector or another monitor.

Windows Key + G - Cycles through all the Windows gadgets

Following are several keyboard shortcuts, specific to the Windows 10 task bar:

Windows Key + Number (1 to 9)  Brings up the window of the corresponding program pinned to the Windows task bar. In case the application isn't already in use, the shortcut will open and bring it up.

For example, you have Ms Word and Internet Explorer pinned to the Windows task bar, Windows Key +1 will open Ms Word, Windows Key + 2 will open Internet Explorer and so on.

Windows Key + T - Opens a view of each task bar application currently in use.

Windows Key + Shift + T - Previews each every task bar item from right to left.

Shift + Windows Key + Number (1 to 9) - Creates and opens a new instance of the corresponding program pinned to the Windows task bar.

These were Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Hope you found them useful!

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