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What is ITIL ?

What is ITIL?

The official ITIL books define an IT Service as means of delivering value to the customer/client. The definition of IT Service is simple enough but to understand it more let us see some examples of IT Services:

  • Internet service
  • Email service
  • Database backup service
  • File hosting service
  • Remote desktop sharing
  • Language translation service (like Google Translate)
  • Online calendars
  • Network monitoring
  • Etc

What is ITIL About?

ITIL is a set of practices and concepts for IT Service Management. ITIL was born by the UK government in 1980, and now it is recognized as best practices for IT Service Management. It was developed in response to the recognition that organizations are depending on IT more and more everyday. As the dependency on IT grew, the need for quality IT services that meet business goals and customers requirements effectively also significantly increased. That is the reason ITIL was introduced and today hundreds of organizations in the world use ITIL and benefit from implementing it. ITIL provides businesses with a framework of best practices that help in achieving quality and overcoming difficulties associated with IT system's growth.

What Does ITIL Talk About

ITIL talks about terms, activities, practices, IT Governance, Guiding Principles that an IT organization or an office should adopt, and presents best methods for implementing them.

Which is the ITIL book to read?  The ITIL Foundation study book is available for purchase at Interested in taking ITIL certification training? Check them out for quality online ITIL certification training.

IT Service for External and Internal Customers

IT Services are not only developed to serve a customer who sits in another office building, another city or country. IT Services are developed for internal customers too. Internal customers could be anyone in the office - your executive management, call center staff, HR office etc who want something to facilitate in their daily routine office work. For example your IT department may develop an IT service for running internal office database backups, or software that will allow staff to register their hours they've worked every week.


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