What is Google Fi? Free/Cheap Calls and Data Even When Abroad

What is Google Fi? 

Google Fi is a cell phone network service just like Verizon or AT&T but there is something unique about Google Fi - you don't need to get a physical Google Fi SIM to get started. However, you need to own either a Google phone or any of the other brand's phone listed here to connect with the Google Fi network without a SIM. The phones that work with Google Fi eSim are called 'designed for Fi' phones.

No worries even if you don't own a Google Fi supported phone, you can purchase Google Fi physical SIM to use the Google Fi network.

Whether you use a 'designed for Fi' phone or any other phone, it must be unlocked for Google Fi to work.

Transferring Your Current Cell Phone Number to Google Fi

Yes, you can do that as well. Once you set up your phone to use with eSIM or insert a physical Google Fi SIM, you will be given the option to transfer your existing number to the Google Fi SIM / eSIM.

What are the Google Fi Plans

Google Fi is cheap but if you purchase a plan for two, three or more persons together, you can save up to 20% in your bills.

So, for example you purchase a Pay-as-you-go plan for three persons, it will cost each person $17 ($20 if purchased for 1 user only) each month and it will give you cheap phone calls and cost to use data will be same whether you use it in the US or abroad. For using data, you will need to pay $10 / Gb.

This plan probably doesn't sound attractive then you can buy $50 a month plan for three persons ($70 if purchased for one person only) and this plan will let you use unlimited data, free calls within US and to 50+ countries and free text and data abroad.

You can purchase a plan for up to 6 persons and this plan comes with the cheapest price. But before you purchase a plan for other persons, make sure they have Google Fi supported phone or they buy the SIM first.

Having free or cheap communication while abroad is the main attraction in Google Fi, which makes it unique and stand out in the crowd of thousand other cell phone service providers.

Other Benefits of Using Google Fi

By keeping your WiFi on, you can expand the cell phone network coverage where the cellular network is not enough strong. You can also manage use of mobile data and letting WiFi take over in case of heavy data use. Google says that you can expect faster streaming and downloads using Google Fi data, compared to speed offered by other networks.

Where to Purchase a Google Fi Supported Phone or a Google Fi Plan

This Google Fi page has both together - SIM and the plans that you can purchase right there. Alternatively, the SIM is also available for purchase on Amazon.com 

Google Fi App

You can download the Google Fi app on your phone and check usage, add/remove members on your plan, and you can even split the bills among your group members. Through the app, you can switch between different plans every month to suit your changing needs.


In the competitive world of network communications and the increase of international travel, i believe that Google has surely offered one of the best things that was needed for the cell phone users.

If you want to purchase a Google phone to use with Google Fi, you will find so many options to purchase right away on this page of Amazon.com 

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