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What are Electronic Cigarettes, Their Advantages and Contents?

Cigarette was thought to be fashionable in its early days. But soon the downside of smoking came into the limelight and cigarette smoking became a discouraged habit. Addictions can hardly be helped. Even with extensive awareness campaigns, people have been smoking and will keep on doing that.

In 2004, electronic cigarette  (e-cigarette) was invented. It uses an electronic battery to split nicotine into vapors that are necessary to quench the desire for the cigarette. The product was released in 2009 in the US market; it has been an instant hit.

Let's look at the detail about E-Cigarette....

Electronic Cigarettes Cost

Cigarettes cost a lot because they are hard to resist once an addiction is developed. Electronic cigarettes are expensive too but they are worth it. The start-up cost for E-cigarettes is high. The battery, the recharging device and the E-cigarette are expensive. But once they are bought, the cost becomes minimal provided they are taken care of.

Electronic Cigarettes Contents

The tobacco cigarette contains around 4000 dangerous chemicals that could drastically affect the health of the smoker. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes contain only nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring. Most carcinogens are chemicals are successfully avoided to provide a safer smoking experience. This way, the addictive nicotine suffices the physical need of smoking the cigarette and many chemicals are avoided.

Electronic Cigarettes Advantages

There are several advantages of smoking e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are odorless. They could be smoked anywhere as they won't create any smoke. They do not contain carcinogens and hence are very safe as compared to the tobacco cigarettes.

They are safe to smoke while having company since no smoke will interfere with the health of the people around you.

Even with extensive usage, they don't stain the teeth and fingers like the conventional tobacco cigarettes. They have many flavors like mint, vanilla, wild cherry and original tobacco.

If you have a cigarette addiction, go for an Electronic cigarette and do not compromise on your health. The experience is safer and healthier as E-cigarettes won't give you any deadly diseases like Cancer or bronchitis.

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