Toshiba vs Dell Laptops, Which Brand Is Better?

Toshiba vs Dell laptops, which laptop brand is better? There are several factors to consider and keep in mind when choosing between Toshiba and Dell laptops. The objective way of going forward is to consider both their pros and cons carefully and impartially.


When comparing between Dell vs Toshiba laptops, the cost is one of the most important factors of all, that is, how much will you have to pay for laptops that have similar specifications from both these brands. The key difference in Dell and Toshiba buying procedure is that Toshiba has third-party retailers (such as Best Buy, Circuit City etc) and most of its products sell through them, while Dell has an online store which sells its products. For buying Dell products, you can also use online buying coupons that might give you a good discount at their store. But Dell is more expensive. If you want to upgrade your laptop, then you will definitely have to pay more. Toshiba laptops on the other hand can be bought at more competitive prices and hence, the Toshiba is more pocket-friendly between the two.


Both Toshiba and Dell have great design value, but there are a few differences in their design characteristics. Dell laptops (Inspiron and Studio) have rounded-corner box shapes. Dell also gives a lot of options to change the color of the laptop and to print patterns on it through its Design Center. So Dell offers a lot of cool design and color options for its laptops. However, its basic theme is quite mundane and tends to show fingerprints on it. Dell laptop builds are quite solid and the keyboards are very nice and easy to use. The track pads are easy to navigate and Dell also gives its user options to get advanced display that’s really good.

Toshiba also has simple and solid build laptops but compared to Dell, its keyboards aren’t much to speak of. The finishing on their keyboards is such that finger marks show on them quite a lot. Having said that, Toshiba also has good track pads and the laptops are usually accented with textured plastic or chromes. The color and display options with Toshiba aren’t many, but the finishing and quality is comparable to that of Dell’s.

Dell vs Toshiba laptops, which one is better? Both Dell and Toshiba have been manufacturing their own lines of laptops for several years and both have their own pros and cons. In this article, I’ll contrast and compare Dell with Toshiba so that you can determine which one might serve your needs better.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important factor to consider because you are the customer and the laptop is not guaranteed to run perfectly forever. It might run into glitches and you will definitely need an expert’s help then. Both Dell and Toshiba have fair customer services. Consumer reports suggest that Dell processes requests faster and thus the problem is solved more efficiently as compared to Toshiba, even if the difference is very slight. But Dell has the disadvantage of very long hold times when you call into their help service, as compared to their superbly fast Web help service. Toshiba is faster on phone, but slower on the Web. Hence, the two brands are balanced out in their respective pros and cons in this particular area.

Checking It Out

If you need a laptop relying only on online specs and ratings, then Dell should work for you beautifully. But if you are the type of person who wants to try out the laptop physically, before buying it, then Toshiba is the right one for you.


If price is of no real concern, and you have a tendency to play with laptop design and colors, then Dell is the laptop you should go for. However, if you’re not really concerned with design, but going for cost and reliability, then Toshiba is the right laptop for you. However, as a general observation, customers should be happier with Toshiba laptops because of their excellent reliability, good price at nice specs, and stability in design.

Now that you have compared Toshiba vs Dell Laptops, It’s always a good thing to visit a computer store yourself and check the design and performance of the laptops and decide on which one suites you the best.

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