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Top Facts About International Space Station (ISS)

International Space Station (ISS) is an accommodation for scientists and researchers, about 400 kms above the Earth surface. The ISS is 73 meters in length and 109 meters in width. To date, two hundred and forty individuals from nineteen countries have visited the ISS for experiments and research and since the year 2000 the ISS has continuously been occupied. There are many interesting facts about International Space Station and these are mentioned below:

Facts About International Space Station

  • The ISS visitor has to work out at least 2 hours a day in the ISS or his bone and muscle starts to decrease.

  • To date, more than 230 times astronauts have done spacewalk. These were done for construction of the space station, upgrades and maintenance.

  • The cost to manufacturer the ISS is over $120 billion, which makes it the most expensive single thing every built.

  • The computers in the ISS have also been once hacked!

  • After moon and Venus, the ISS is the 3rd brightest object in the sky and you can spot it in the night sky if you stare at the sky closely.

  • Since there is no oxygen in the space, the ISS generates oxygen for the crew by splitting water molecules in to oxygen and hydrogen gas, using the electric currents from the solar panels.

  • The ISS is made of multiple modules and the largest ones, due to their size and weight were delivered up in the space on 42 flights.

  • There are two bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, a gym and a 350 degree view window in the space station.

  • You might have watched live the recent SpaceX capsule docking with ISS but do you know that at the same time 8 spaceships can be connected to the ISS.

  • The ISS has more than fifty computers that control the space station.

  • There are about three million sensors in the ISS that ensure safety and health of the space station and the crew.

These were indeed interesting facts about International Space Station

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