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Top 5 Disadvantages of WhatsApp (+4 More Added)

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication applications for children and adult alike but have you ever questioned anyone "what are the disadvantages of using WhatsApp?. Just as WhatsApp has many advantages, there are disadvantages of WhatsApp too. Find below the top disadvantages of WhatsApp that you should know.

1. Privacy Issue

Anyone can see your details such a profile picture and status if he has your mobile number, unless you have set privacy setting not to display your personal info to anyone who is not in your contact list.

But people tend not to change their privacy settings, which allows anyone to see their detail on WhatsApp by just storing their mobile number in their mobile phone

2. Addiction

Since messaging through WhatsApp is free, people would chat with their family, friends or colleagues, etc, at any time, and send/receive as many messages as they like. Furthermore, unnecessary chats tend to start automatically, and often out of no where. This results in excessive messaging, time wastage, and other unproductive results.

3. Image Transfer Limit

Although WhatsApp has a very good feature of image transferring that allows you to send your photo to anyone in your contact list, you can however only send 10 images at a time. This is a limitation that bothers the WhatsApp users who want to send many pictures together to someone. 

4. Your Profile Picture in Your Friend's Phone

Whenever you chat with someone who is in your contact list, your profile picture gets automatically saved in the other person's mobile phone. Although it does not get saved in Gallery (Picture viewer app), it is still very easily accessible by opening the WhatsApp's Media folder with any file manager app.

5. Storage Consumption

When you delete pictures, videos or voice notes that you have received or sent to someone, their copies still remain saved in the Media folder of WhatsApp. Resultantly, your phone storage consumption keeps growing and there is no way for an ordinary phone user to know how to delete those unnecessary files (you need to use a file manager App to go into WhatsApp folders to delete the files)

I have added three more disadvantages of WhatsApp, lets continue reading...

6. No Log out If Phone is Stolen

If your mobile phone is stolen, the thief can open all your sent and received messages and media content. There is no way for you to remotely log out WhatsApp or block your account in a way that would prevent access to your messages.

If we look at other social networking apps like Facebook and Skype, they allow its users to remotely log out from the apps where ever these are currently logged in, and you can then quickly change your password too so that no one can open your app and view personal information. However, doing the same kind of thing is not possible in WhatsApp. 

7. Message Receive Receipt

Sometimes, when you are too busy or due to some other reason you want that the sender of a message should not know that you have received the message. However, this can not be achieved. Anyone who sends you a message on WhatsApp will know at least that the message has reached the WhatsApp that is on your phone, by noticing the 2 black ticks appearing. Yes, you will not open the sender's chat window and he/she would not know that you have read the message or not.

However, by not opening the message window for a long time will cause a thought to appear in the sender's mind that you are deliberately not opening his or her message. The only way you could achieve this is by blocking the person but that would also stop all his messages to come to you, which you wouldn't want perhaps; so this isn't the right way to do it

8. Interruption All Day Long

You cant ignore WhatsApp message notifications, no one, true isn't it? You will even agree to the fact that even if there aren't messages coming, you will still be opening your WhatsApp. You will open to check statuses, and not just that, you will be going through your contact's images. Often, when we have done that, we open our contacts and read their About text. So, we can say that WhatsApp is a source of constant disruption. 

9. Irrelevant and Random Information in WhatsApp Groups

We often like to join WhatsApp groups. If you dont join, some of your friends or colleagues would have added you in a group or two once. Though, there may be good content coming through the groups, you will also see a lot of random and irrelevant stuff coming your way very often. Resultantly, you will be going through lot of incorrect or forged information and information that has nothing to do with you. Hence, a lot of time will be wasted going through all the messages and you will get little useful

These were top disadvantages of WhatsApp. Comment below sharing with others any other disadvantage of using WhatsApp that you might know.

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