How to Choose a Domain Name - Top Tips

Thinking how to choose a good domain name for your website? Don't worry it's easy. Here are a few important considerations while choosing a domain name, you'll find them helpful:

Choosing a Domain Name


Make sure that the domain name is easy to spell. You want your clients/customers to remember your domain name correctly. Make sure that your domain name is simple, short and easy to remember.

Marketing Appeal

If possible try to make your keyword catchy. You will be needing to advertise your domain name on your visiting cards, flyers, Facebook, and many other places so make it as catchy as possible, to get people's attraction


For SEO purposes, include in your domain name a keyword relevant to your business. for example you do book publishing business. You may include in the domain a word like 'publishing', 'books', etc

.Com or ?

.com is the most common and remembered domain names. There are many other choices available too but people tend to remember .com more easily. So buy a .com domain.

And if your country has its own domain name like in New Zealand they have .nz so buy a domain ending with Similarly in Australia they have .au, so if your business if in Australia buy the domain ending with . This shows your customers that your business is local to them and gives them feel of confidence in your business.

Remember to Buy All Similar Domains

If you buy for example, buy all similar domains like,,,, etc.  This is to protect your business and prevent a fraudulent person to buy a similar domain to cause any sort of problem to you business.

This is how to choose a domain name for your website. Hope you found the article useful.

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