Technology Makes Excellence Harder to Achieve

The recent rise of technology has influenced our lives down to our very cores. As Smartphones, tablets and TVs and other electronic devices have taken their place as essential tools in our lives, it has become ever harder, even close to impossible, for us to function without them.

Working Tools?

But what effect have they had on our life aims and personal goals? The first thought is that as these devices are designed to help us, they make it easier for us to get what we want. Sure it is very convenient to have dictionary, a calculator and the most powerful search engine ever, all in one device when we are studying. The power of these Smartphones is such that you have access of vast swathes of information on a tap of a screen.

Where on one hand, technology has made it easier for us to work or study; it has had side effects too. For example, I cannot help but think that if I hadn't had my PlayStation with me in my school days, I would have spent more time studying, or at least I would have done some more productive things.

Technology's Two Faces

It is easy to judge PlayStations and gaming consoles as hindrances towards work, study and goals but it is harder to judge Smartphones or personal computers. Where these devices can be used for playing games or watching movies, they are perfectly suitable to work on too. A person with Smartphone and internet connectivity should be more productive than someone without these tools.  But it provides distractions too. You would think that I am just going to play this game once or I will just check my Facebook wall for one second and you will end up having wasted a precious hour. A person without these perks will surely have lesser tools to work with, but he will also have lesser distractions. And distractions make minds wonder and the productivity falls to ever lower levels.

Sure technology is very attractive as a working tool but on the other hand, it also makes people waste their time. If someone is very determined to work and very focused on it, then a Smartphone in his possession is a fabulous working tool. But for a lazier person who is sitting and trying to study, a Smartphone in his hand will take all his time with zero gains.

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