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Why is Instagram Fun to Use? Top Reasons!

Instagram is an increasingly growing and popular Smartphone App. It is simple, neat and stylish. It has got more than 100 million users in less than 3 years. What is so cool about this App? Why is Instagram fun to use?

  • As soon as you capture an image, it could be shared within seconds on Instagram because Instagram is primarily a Photo Sharing App. Other Apps and websites that provide the functionality of photo sharing only have it as a subsidiary functionality. Hence, Instagram is faster and more efficient.

  • The editing tools on Instagram are pretty cool. There are a dozen of filters available to add more character and feel to the image. You could rotate or add blur to an image too. All this editing could be done within seconds. Now there is no need to look for a separate editing tool!

  • If internet services are available to your device, the location search of Instagram is very efficient.
Hence, you can keep your memory of the places you have visited intact.
  • The privacy of Instagram is very nice. It is impossible to copy the images.
  • Instagram is JUST about photo sharing. No cutesy status updates or mystifying search techniques. It is simple and beautiful.
  • The hashtag search is very efficient and effective. As Instagram has millions and millions of photos, the hashtag search could dig up thousands of photos of your interest in a few seconds.
  • If you follow a person, you are allowed to view their photos but they are not allowed to view your photos until you allow them to follow you (in case your posts are private). This is a new flare to privacy.
  • The Instagram images could be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. If shared on Facebook, the privacy setting of each of the photos from the Instagram album could be separately controlled. This feature provides the liberty of controlling and sharing.

With so many interesting and beneficial features, it is not surprising that Instagram has seen such phenomenal success. Seeing the great boom and increasing market, Facebook rightly bought the service in 2012.

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