Pornography Censorship: Myths and Realities

Internet Pornography is a major concern of parents and many adults as well. The subject is a taboo to some extent and there are a lot of myths that shadow our minds regarding this.

The quantity of the explicit material

It is often believed that adult websites must be among the top most visited sites. But to surprise and please many of us, only 7 adult content websites make it to the top 100 most visited sites.

According to an academic research, only 4% of the websites on internet are porn sites. The research was carried out on the top one million sites. But this figure is of course debatable due to many reasons.

Is the objectionable material only restricted to some specific sites?

Another interesting perspective that drifts in mind is that can we actually say that only the porn sites contain explicit material? The answer is a sure negative. Many ‘safe’ sites are flooded with adult content. For example, YouTube has a massive database of such objectionable material. Similarly, many social media websites like Facebook also have pages and groups that cater to the adult market. But these sites are never labeled and are considered safe.

Pornography Censorship

Many governments, including the British Government, around the world look into Pornography censorship very seriously so as to save the young minds from corrupting. But the question remains that whether reliable and effective censorship possible?

After being said that many safe sites could also be explicit, effective censoring would mean visiting and checking each and every page on the cyberspace. But this is not humanly possible owing to the fact that there are billions of websites.

Using an automated algorithm or software might seem like a solution but this would result in blocking of many safe sites and allowing access to many undesirable sites due to the quality of material that they offer. Hence, this remains a blunt tool!

Saving the kids

The conclusion is that the only possible way to save children from view adult content is constant supervision. No other way could possibly block the content. Proper training, good guidance and a hawk eye upon the children can fruitfully save their innocence!

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