Top 7 Advantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is perhaps the most used communication app for the smart phone users. But as WhatsApp has some disadvantages, it has advantages too. Find below the top advantages of WhatsApp that have brought significant changes in people's life when it comes to social networking.

1. Plenty of Things You Can Share

You can share your photos, your current location map, videos, documents, audio with your friends.

2. It's Free

WhatsApp used to be US$1 per year but since Microsoft acquired it, it has been made totally free for anyone to use.

3. Ease of Use

All of the WhatsApp features are very easy to use. Any one - child and elderly alike quickly learn to use this App.

4. Chatting Tools

We can send text messages to friends but we can send them more things. You can record voice notes and send them to your friend. Moreover, you can send them emoticons from the tons of available emoticons.

5. No Ads on the Screen

Unlike many other chatting apps, in WhatsApp you will not see any advertisement on the screen interfering when you are using the App.

6. Voice & Video Call

The Voice and Video call features were not always available in WhatsApp. Not too long ago, voice and video call were included in the App that allows you to make free WhatsApp to WhatsApp calls to your friends.

7. WhatsApp Groups

You can create your own group and add people (Must be WhatsApp users) into it. The advantage of the group is that you will send a certain message only once and it will be sent to all the people in your group.

People create WhatsApp groups for college exam discussion, or discussion on any specific topic.

These were the top advantages of WhatsApp. 

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What To Do If Your Mobile Phone/Tablet is Stolen or Lost

What to do If your mobile phone is stolen? If your smart mobile phone or a tablet is every lost or stolen, here is what you should do to protect your Facebook, Skype and Google Accounts from misuse by the one who might find your device.

Log Out Facebook

You have your statuses, pictures, videos, friends list and a lot more in your Facebook account and all that can be misused by your phone stealer. So, you should log out your Facebook account that is currently signed in on your stolen phone and change the password also. Here is how to log out your Facebook account remotely.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account from any computer or a smart phone.

Step 2: Go to Settings -> General. Now change your password and click 'Save Changes'. As you click this, you will be prompted to log out of other devices. Select this option and click 'Continue'

That's it. You will be logged out from your stolen/lost phone and you have also changed your password so no one can enter your Facebook account any more.

Log Out Skype

If someone has access to your Skype account, he can send inappropriate message to people in your contact list or cause other problems to you. So you should change your Skype password and remotely log out Skype immediately. Here is how to do this:

Step 1: Sign in to your Skype account from any computer or a smart phone.

Step 2: Open any chat window and in the message box type "/set password [new password]" e.g. "/set password Sky123". You have now changed the password. Follow the next step to remotely log out Skype

Step 3: In any chat window, enter this command "/remotelogout". This command will log you out from Skype wherever you are currently signed in. Now, the person who has your phone can not log in to your Skype account any more.

Log out All Google Accounts

If someone gets access to your Google account, he can access all your Google apps such as Gmail, Google Plus, etc. So it is very important to quickly change your password and remotely log out your account as soon as you can. Here is how to do this:

Step 1: From any computer or a smart phone sign in to your google account at

Step 2: Under 'Sign-in & security' click on 'Device activity & notifications'

Step 3: At right side of the page you will see name of the devices where you are currently logged in. Click 'Review devices'. Now click on your stolen/lost phone name then click 'Remove. That's it. You have remotely logged out from your Google accounts and also changed your password. Now, no one can log in to your Google account any more.

Information theft and misuse of other people's account is on rise and every day thousands of people loose their phones and tablets to the hands of criminals. These criminals misuse your account, and often contact you for ransom in exchange of your account passwords that they have already changed. Therefore, you should try to block access to your Facebook, Google and Skype accounts and also change the account passwords as soon as you can.

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Top 7 Disadvantages of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication apps for children and adult alike. But just as WhatsApp has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Find below the top disadvantages of WhatsApp that you should be aware of.

1. Privacy Issue

Anyone can see your details such a profile picture and status if he has your mobile number, unless you have set privacy setting not to display your personal info to anyone who is not in your contact list.

But people tend not to change their privacy settings, which allows anyone to see their detail on WhatsApp by just storing their mobile number in their mobile phone

2. Addiction

Since messaging through WhatsApp is free, people would chat with their family, friends or colleagues, etc, at any time, and send/receive as many messages as they like. Furthermore, unnecessary chats tend to start automatically, and often out of no where. This results in excessive messaging, time wastage, and other unproductive results.

3. Image Transfer Limit

Although WhatsApp has a very good feature of image transferring that allows you to send your photo to anyone in your contact list, you can however only send 10 images at a time. This is a limitation that bothers the WhatsApp users who want to send many pictures together to someone. 

4. Your Profile Picture in Your Friend's Phone

Whenever you chat with someone who is in your contact list, your profile picture gets automatically saved in the other person's mobile phone. Although it does not get saved in Gallery (Picture viewer app), it is still very easily accessible by opening the WhatsApp's Media folder with any file manager app.

5. Storage Consumption

When you delete pictures, videos or voice notes that you have received or sent to someone, their copies still remain saved in the Media folder of WhatsApp. Resultantly, your phone storage consumption keeps growing and there is no way for an ordinary phone user to know how to delete those unnecessary files (you need to use a file manager App to go into WhatsApp folders to delete the files)

6. No Log out If Phone is Stolen

If your mobile phone is stolen, the thief can open all your sent and received messages and media content. There is no way for you to remotely log out WhatsApp or block your account in a way that would prevent access to your messages.

If we look at other social networking apps like Facebook and Skype, they allow its users to remotely log out from the apps where ever these are currently logged in, and you can then quickly change your password too so that no one can open your app and view personal information. However, doing the same kind of thing is not possible in WhatsApp. 

7. Message Receive Receipt

Sometimes, when you are too busy or due to some other reason you want that the sender of a message should not know that you have received the message. However, this can not be achieved. Anyone who sends you a message on WhatsApp will know at least that the message has reached the WhatsApp that is on your phone, by noticing the 2 black ticks appearing. Yes, you will not open the sender's chat window and he/she would not know that you have read the message or not. However, by not opening the message window for a long time will cause a thought to appear in the sender's mind that you are deliberately not opening his or her message. The only way you could achieve this is by blocking the person but that would also stop all his messages to come to you, which you wouldn't want perhaps; so this isn't the right way to do it.

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These were top disadvantages of WhatsApp. Comment below sharing with others any other disadvantage of using WhatsApp that you might know.

Top 3 Best Alternatives to Windows Operating System

Learn about the top 3 best alternatives to Windows operating system. These are the operating systems that may get famous soon and widespread in every continent. Overcoming Microsoft's Windows is highly unlikely but it is expected that a good number of people at homes, offices and universities will be using these operating systems. Let's find out about these strong alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

1. Chrome OS 

This operating system is designed by Google and comes pre-installed in Google's notebook computers Chromebook and desktop computers Chromebox. Chrome OS was released in 2009 and has been getting fame very fast due to its user-friendly interface and performance.

Unlike Windows, you cannot download and install Chrome OS on any computer. As per the official site of Chrome OS, this operating system can only be used when you buy Chromebook or Chromebox. These computers are available for purchase on various online stores including Amazon, eBay and others. It is said that Chrome OS loads in seconds and applications run on it very fast.

2. macOS

This is another operating system that also comes only pre-installed with computers, known as Macbook and iMac. macOS was developed by the famous IT company Apple, the makers of iPhone and iPad.

macOS is considered stable operating system, and less prone to virus attacks and hacking, compared to Windows operating system. This operating system offers very stylish graphical interface for the users and many people like it due to its innovative design of GUI (graphical user interface). 

macOS has been known for many many years, and that’s why you will find a good number of people who already use macOS and are also well versed in it.

3. Linux Mint

This is the operating system that all or most of the Windows users will like. It is very user-friendly and its most functionalities and the way how windows look and how they open and close are very similar to those in Windows. Linux Mint comes pre-installed with many software applications and hardware drivers. If you want to try Linux Mint, you can download it from the official website and try it out.

Other Operating Systems

There are many other operating systems, some are being developed, some are in beta state, some in alpha and some are already being used by a few groups, companies or small number of home users as well. These include Solaris, Ubuntu, Fedora, SteamOS, Haiko, ReactOS, Syllable, SkyOS and more.

Pros and Cons of New Operating Systems

These are the top alternatives to Windows operating system. Although these are very good, stable and high-performance operating systems, it will still be very hard for them to overcome Windows, which has been in use for more than 30 years. Furthermore, as with anything, people resist change and do not want to learn a new thing unnecessarily. The other major downside of these operating systems is that these are not fully compatible with every software application yet, hence you may not be able to run all your favorite apps on these operating systems.

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