Wireless USB Benefits and Features

Need for Wireless Communication Today

With the huge and fast technological advancements, there is a large appeal of wireless devices. A wireless device is communication equipment that does not require physical connection through wires for data transferring.  Wireless devices are increasing popular because of their simple use, portability and cost effectiveness. Some important wireless devices are wireless mouse, keyboard, wireless adapters, wireless routers,   Wireless networks, wireless USBs, wireless USB modules, Wireless LAN and etc.

Wireless USB is highly popular these days. It uses radio frequency technology that links computers or other peripherals like printers, monitors, headsets, MP3 players or other external drives. Wireless USB specifications include:

  •  Connection over distances

Via USB wireless other devices can easily be connected within ten feet, at 480 Mbps. Some USBs may allow greater distance

  •  Security

In order to ensure security for data transferring, USB transmissions use encryption. File transferring through them is quite handy. Large amount of data can also be transferred with a lot of ease.

  •  Plug and play feature

Similar to traditional USB, wireless USB allows plug and play compatibility. It also have the ability to hot swap hardware components. Plug and play feature again adds to their efficiency and reduces time and money.

  •  Backward compatibility

Wireless USBs are backwards compatible with usual wired devices making them a reliable source of data transferring.

Wireless USB Adapters

Wireless USB adapters are one of the great technological inventions that allow mobile user to stay connect anytime with wireless network to access internet. These are simple and inexpensive. Through using wireless USB adapter one can easily upgrade to latest Wi-Fi technology instead of buying a new laptop.

Wireless USB Module

Through wireless USB module you can embed functionality of wireless USB into a range of applications with minimal integration in existing devices. These are more secure and consume less power at the same time this product is suitable for many other embedded systems.

On the other hand, USB wireless LAN adapters are also useful and popular because of their functionality. Most wireless USB LAN adapters look like small USB flash drives. These are light-weight and support quick data transfer in a wireless LAN environment. In simple words these act as inexpensive platform that enables you share large files, folders, network resources, printer etc.

Today use of almost all type of wireless devises has been massively increased. Wireless devices are the best way to simplify the task up to great extent. But one must be proficient at its use to save important time and money resources.

Quick Fix - "Access Denied" Problem on Joomla Administrator Page

Have you been surprised by the message "Access Denied" when you opened your Joomla Administrator page?

Before I tell you how to fix this problem very quickly and easily, "Access denied", first let me tell you how this problem may have happened.

When I first encountered this issue, I knew I didn't change any file or any other thing in the Joomla folder. It may have been the web hosting guys who made any changes accidentally or mistakenly. Worst case scenario is that there has been a hacking attempt to your site and the hacker did it.

Now coming to the easy and quick solution...

Solution to "Access Denied" on Joomla Administrator page:

1. Access Joomla directories. You can access them using FTP or cPanel.
2. Open folder - "Administrator"
3. Change permissions of file index.php to "7 7 7"

You're done. Now you can open the administrator page as normal.

How to Choose a Domain Name - Top Tips

Thinking how to choose a good domain name for your website? Don't worry it's easy. Here are a few important considerations while choosing a domain name, you'll find them helpful:

Choosing a Domain Name


Make sure that the domain name is easy to spell. You want your clients/customers to remember your domain name correctly. Make sure that your domain name is simple, short and easy to remember.

Marketing Appeal

If possible try to make your keyword catchy. You will be needing to advertise your domain name on your visiting cards, flyers, Facebook, and many other places so make it as catchy as possible, to get people's attraction


For SEO purposes, include in your domain name a keyword relevant to your business. for example you do book publishing business. You may include in the domain a word like 'publishing', 'books', etc

.Com or ?

.com is the most common and remembered domain names. There are many other choices available too but people tend to remember .com more easily. So buy a .com domain.

And if your country has its own domain name like in New Zealand they have .nz so buy a domain ending with .com.nz. Similarly in Australia they have .au, so if your business if in Australia buy the domain ending with .com.au . This shows your customers that your business is local to them and gives them feel of confidence in your business.

Remember to Buy All Similar Domains

If you buy for example www.abc.com, buy all similar domains like abc.net, abc.org, abc.com.au, abc.co.uk, abc.com.nz etc.  This is to protect your business and prevent a fraudulent person to buy a similar domain to cause any sort of problem to you business.

This is how to choose a domain name for your website. Hope you found the article useful.

Ready to Purchase?

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Comparing Hardware vs Software Firewall

Computer experts tell us that any computer connected to the internet can be hacked by a hacker, in average of twelve minutes. One important way to protect our computers from hackers is use of a firewall. Both hardware and software firewall can be used to provide security, and they both differ from each other slightly. Home computer users can use software firewall but Business owners are recommended to use both hardware and software firewall.

Continue reading this article to find out the difference between hardware and software firewall.

Hardware Firewall

Hardware firewalls provide more protection from most form of hacker attacks, and a single hardware firewall can protect every computer on a local network. Most hardware firewalls come with at least 4 ports that can be used to connect to other computers on the network; Firewalls with many more number of ports are also available. Hardware firewalls come as a stand-alone product and now hardware firewalls even come integrated in broadband routers. Like any computer software or hardware, hardware firewalls must also be learnt before use so that they could be configured properly and per your network security settings and requirements.

One good hardware firewall product are called Firewalla and Fortigate, available at Amazon.com

Software Firewall

Software firewalls are more common compared to hardware firewalls and they are used both in home and enterprises. If you are running Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows 11, you are already running software firewall in background. Microsoft included software firewall in every Windows operating system to provide security to the computer users, and of course their data.

Software firewalls are configurable and we can set port numbers that the firewall should monitor and block unauthorized access to. You can even enable or disable firewall for your hardware like printers, etc, and software like Microsoft Live Messenger, Skype, MS Outlook, etc. Software firewall protects only the computer which it is installed on. to protect multiple computers, separate firewall installation is required.

Tons of firewall software programs are available. Some are paid and some free. Some of the good free firewall software available today include OpenBSD and ZoneAlarm, which really work well.

So, Which Firewall Should You Get?

Hardware vs. software firewalls, which one is better? comparing software and hardware firewall both have the same function and use. But for home use, software firewall is better and more than enough. Businesses require both as they want to ensure maximum security, and because they are more vulnerable to attacks than a home user. If you use your computer at home remember you should always use firewall with antivirus software, which has a different function of detecting and removing viruses from your computer.

Check out the huge variety of software firewall selling on Amazon.com

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