E-Readers Vs Books: Which One is Better

Advantages of Using E-Readers

E-Readers happen to be one of the hottest choices in today's market of technology and gadgets. They are definitely cool, stylish and comfortable to use. But do they efficiently and rightly replace books? Let us discover together.

1. E-readers are light weight and compact unlike books. They are definitely easy to carry around.

2. A single E-reader could carry thousands of books and weigh the same. Carrying eight books in a bag would make quite a luggage. Going on a holiday with kids, you won't need to pack their books and your books; just pack the E-reader!

3. E-readers are modern, stylish and up-to-date. Many E-readers are perfect for fashion conscious individuals.

4. E-readers cost big bucks! They range anywhere between $150 to $500. But when it comes to books, even most bestsellers could be found under $10.

5. E-readers are a great utility when one is on vacation or travelling.

6. Many people have the habit of reading till late hours until they fall asleep. Books played a very good role in it. They were read until the eyes could bear no more. But this is not the case with gadgets. Tablets, E-readers and Smartphones emit white light which suppresses the release of a chemical that triggers sleep. Hence, after using an E-reader, many people find it hard to fall asleep. Books win in this regards.

7. Books have a significant impact on the environment. Trees are cut down for quality paper, manufacturing machinery is required, and fuel is burnt to transport them. All this sounds like a lot of burden on the environment. It has been found that each book releases about 9 pounds of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. While, e-readers also need manufacturing and transportation, but a single one of them has the power to replace thousands of books.

8. Some people claim that books help better in learning and it is hard to remember things while reading from a gadget. Research is being carried out in this regard.

While Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook are specialized E-readers, tablet computers of today could also be categorized as E-readers. In fact, iPad mini is sometimes called the favorite E-reader

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Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad

The Apple iPad is the most innovative of gadgets that has been released for the masses till date. The sleek and lightweight slate has a charm. It is fun to use. But like every other thing, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some prominent pros, cons of the iPad 

Pros of iPad

  • It is definitely lightweight. If internet browsing is your primary usage for a device, nothing is better than an iPad as it is light in weight. You won't need to carry a bulky laptop everywhere just for the purpose of peeking inside your Facebook or checking emails every now and then.

  • If you are an avid reader, then iPad is your thing. It makes a comfortable and pretty reader. And it could hold a lot of reading material for you. You won't need to carry all your books, novels and magazines with you all the time. They live in your iPad!

  • iPad is definitely a beauty. For all those fashion conscious people out there, iPad definitely adds to the style statement.

Cons of iPad

  • It works fine until you are up to a single task. But the moment you start switching between Apps, you would realize that iPad works slowly. A few lags are inevitable.

  • Writing long mails and documents on iPad is definitely not a good idea. Laptops with proper keyboards make typing a lot easier.

  • Among the specs, the storage capacity cannot be upgraded. One has to accept the already available memory. Hence it is not a good option if you are used to storing a lot of material.

  • One of the biggest issues with iPad is that it has no USB support. The transfer of data becomes hard.

These were pros and cons of the iPad. While iPad is a fancy gadget, but everything that glitters is not gold. It has its cons as well! Think before you buy!

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Google vs Apple Products: Who's the Winner?

When talking about touch screens, what come in mind are two names Apple and Google. Up till now experts remain unable to decide the winner in them. As in some cases apple take big piece of pie while in some case Google is winner undoubtedly. In nutshell if we compare then Google  as has preference because of many free Google Apps. But I am again saying that this is not final and ultimate. The thing that matters a lot is nature of use, user ease, budget and a few other things.

Google vs Apple Products

Google services have diversity. No doubt identity of Google is more powerful, famous and well positioned. Google is also leader of web browsing.

Using Google devices is quite handy as these are purely user centered. Android operating system is also widely used these days. Google app market is volatile. But on the other hand the importance of Apple iPhone cannot be neglected. As a status symbol apple phone is preferred over android phone. Costliness of apple iPhone can also be taken as a point of preference among these two. Apple phones are not as such delicate rather these are sturdy in outlook and durable as well. But one of the major drawbacks of apple iPhone is that many apps are not free. In apple store there are a few free apps.

Another ground upon which apple and Google can be compared is television. Let's have a look on Google TV versus Apple TV. Basically, the Google TV is a box that user can connect with his TV set. Therefore this is not a standalone TV rather acts more than a DVD player that you can connect to you television. The same is the case with Apple TV. When comparing two brands, there are many things to be considered about them. Let us start from TV remotes. Apple's remote is slim, sleek and decent. But it is too small therefore is difficult to use as compared to Google TV remote. Below is given general experience of both of them:

  • Both devices required software updates immediately upon installation, which is as expected.
  • The currently selected menu item on the Apple TV is often difficult to identify. It has a blue halo that is easy to miss. Here Google TV is better


Thaw difference between both devices is negligible. Prices are also more or less same. All you need is a little R&D for purchase decision. Apple could be a better status symbol while Google TV is more users friendly. Existing users and vendors can also best guide you about selecting among them.

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What is a Torrent file? How to Download Something using Torrent File

What is a Torrent File?

Many Internet users tend to download many files such as music, movies, lectures, games setups, etc. For such frequent and large size downloading, different methods are available to suit your needs. It goes without saying that torrent is the best among all downloading methods. For people having little knowledge about file uploading and downloading it is necessary to first look answer for the question "what is a Torrent file?" and how to download Torrent files?

According to a recent study there are 150 million active users who use Torrent. The reason behind this marvelous fact is that torrent files are extensively being used for downloading files because downloading files through a torrent is faster than traditional client-server based downloading practice. Otherwise, previously it was common that if many people started downloading the same file, downloading became slow but it does not happen in case of Torrent files.

The working of torrent is different in a sense it involves web browser rather than traditional server. Users send the request of downloading file to the server by using web browser but in the case of torrent, user first download the torrent file of their required thing such like movie, song or game torrent then opens this file in bitTorrent client such as Utorrent . Utorrent is most popular bitTorrent client and widely being used across the world. After that bitTorrent client connects to the tracker which keeps track of each computer that runs the torrent client and grasps relevant file of the user's choice.

  • Downloading begins if the tracker finds any computer, which has the relevant file in their hard drive
  • Other computers can also download required file from the computer by using the same Utorrent (client of bitTorrent)

Seeds and leeches are two important terms related to torrent file transfer. Seeders are the computers that have complete copy of file that user want to copy. On the other hand leeches are the computers that have disconnected themselves after downloading was complete. An important tip for fast and smooth downloading is that download the file that has more seed and less leeches.

Hence it is cleared that torrent based downloading is quite easy, handy, efficient and provides quality stuff to you in quite reasonable time. Another advantage of such downloading is that you don't have to stop your work or web browsing during downloading. Even when you turn off and on the computer downloading starts itself without manually starting it. Internet speed is also least disturbed from downloading. What else you want?

Via torrent file downloading you can find a quality stuff of your choice like software, books, movies, songs and much more. The size of file and number of seeds and leeches speaks a lot about the file. Hence you can easily approach to your desired files.

How to Download Content Using Torrent

It is very easy to download content through torrent. If you are looking for movie Speed for example, then in the Google search, type in "Speed movie torrent". You will find many websites in the Google search results. The results will mention "Torrent" either in the website address, web-page title or page description that appears in the google results.  Just open any of the torrent website. In the website you will find link to download torrent file. Click the download link to download the torrent file.

Now you need to run the torrent file. For this you need software. There are many free software available. You can download this free download manager. Download and install this software. Then click on the torrent file you had downloaded, it will open i the download manager and downloading will start. In the software, you will also have options to pause, stop the download. You can shutdown your computer and resume the download from where you left it.

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