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New Features in Dreamweaver CS6

The following are the great new Dreamweaver features that are added in the CS6 version.

1. Fluid Grid Layout

It let's you create web design suitable for mobile screen, a tablet or desktop computer.
The web design that you will create using any of these three options will be responsive design to improve readability across a large range of electronic devices.

2. jQuery Effects Library

You can now include effects such as adding sliders without needing to write a code or you can import a theme from Adobe Fireworks. And yes, when you add any jQuery effect, Dreamweaver will automatically insert the relevant code in your document and of course you can add jQuery effects on events such as onClick event.

This was the much needed and now we have it in CS6.

3. CSS Transition Effects

You can now use CSS for transition effects, without using javascript or anything else. There is a point-and-click workflow provided in the software that you can use to apply a CSS transition to your web elements without doing any CSS coding.

4. Multiple CSS classes

Now, you can apply more than one CSS class to a single element

5. New Site Manager

The 'Manage Sites' dialog box has been redesigned with better user friendly interface.

6. New Web fonts

Now you can use web-supported fonts like Adobe fonts and Google fonts in the software.

7. Adobe Catalyst

Now you can upload your Business Catalyst account and manage the modules from the Drewamweaver itself. It is a nice facility for web designers who want to focus on creativity tasks instead of technical or others.

8. Phone Gap integration

PhoneGap is a popular cross-platform for mobile application development. Now, in CS6, they have included the PhoneGap build option you can compile and build your web project into a mobile application for both iOS and Android. And to do this, you do not need to prepare your system to compile a native mobile application, CS6 does it all for you.

9. Faster FTP

Dreamwveaver can now transfers the file much faster than before with mult-channel async transfer option.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of All-in-One PCs

What are All in One Computers

For those who don't know what all in one computers are, these are a single-unit computers that have all the computer parts assembled together inside one box, including the screen. The classic example of an all in one PC is the Apple iMac from the 90's and some of the latest examples of all in one computers are HP all in one - HP Pavillion 24, Dell all in one - Dell Inspiron 24, Lenovo all in one - Lenovo IdeaCentre 520 and Preedip all in one PC 

All in One PCs - Are They Good?

Yes, they are good but like every machine, these too have advantages as well as disadvantages, including these:

Advantages of all in one PCs:

1. There is no mess of cables as the screen, motherboard, etc all are inside one box, due to only one power cable is outside the box. A wireless mouse and a keyboard often come along with the purchase of an all in one computer, so really you have best cable management with this type of computer

2. They take lesser space than the usual desktop PCs because everything including the screen is compacted inside one box.

3. They are portable because there is only one piece to hold and move somewhere.

4. Immediately ready to use when you buy one, unlike regular desktop PCs that you can use only after you connect all the things including accessories such as keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, etc.

Disadvantages of all in one PCs:

1. They are a little more expensive than the regular desktop computers

2. Apart from RAM and CPU, you can't upgrade other things in all in one computers. On some all in one computers, you can't even upgrade RAM, CPU or the hard drive.

3. These are not as much in demand as the regular desktop PCs, so if you ever decide to sell yours, it will be a little difficult to find its customer.

Should You Buy an All-in-One Computer?

You can definitely go for an all-in-one PC whether it is for home use or office use. A lot of variety of all in one computers is available in the markets, even on Amazon you can find best all in one desktop PCs and all in one computer deals also so you can easily the one of your liking. They come with different specs, color, design and a range of prices is available to suit your affordability.

They are good, portable computers, which come with a minimum of 20-inch screen and some even have a dedicated graphic card so you can enjoy the gaming or movies more. So, at the end if you were to decide now between a regular PC vs all in one PC, be it for home or office use and you are inclined more towards an all in one PC, just buy it without a second thought.


Why Desktop Computers are still not dead yet

Pros and Cons of Desktop PCs over Laptop computers

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Best Laptops For Computer Science Majors, Categorized by Different Needs

When choosing a best laptop for computer science majors, you should keep in mind that if one computer may suit a student of computer science major may not be suitable for another computer science student. I will tell you why.

When you take admission in a university for studying computer science, you are offered to choose some elective subjects. Say, you core subjects are about programming languages, databases or networking and for electives, you choose subjects related to programming. However, there could be another student who would choose computer graphic subjects or computer gaming subjects, so he would need a very different laptop because he would be processing graphics and video, which require a lot of computer resources.

Similarly, if you were to study computer science or computer engineering at one particular university, they might have graphics as core subjects, so in this case you will have to look for a different laptop for this reason.

So, as I explained above, not every computer science student may be needing a laptop with same specs. Therefore, below I will list different laptop computers that would suit computer science or computer engineering students studying different things:

Computer Science Students Studying Computer Graphics

  • Acer ConceptD 5 Creator Laptop. It is a very powerful laptop and is best specifically for fast video rendering. Price $1800 - $2000.  Check its latest price and spec details on Amazon

  • If you go for a budget-friendly one, then check out Flagship HP Pavilion 15.6. It is good both for image and video rendering but best for image. Price is around $750. Check the latest price and specs of this laptop here

  • The third one is Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop. It is also a budget-friendly laptop and is very good for gaming production and to play games. Price is around
    $1100. It's also available online. Check Amazon page for its latest price and specs. 

  • Check this one from Dell. It is Dell XPS 15 7590. A very good laptop for rendering. Price is around $1500. Check its specifications and latest price here.

  • ASUS ProArt StudioBook. This one is also one of the best laptops for graphic/video rendering. Price is around $1900. Check its specs and price here.

These were some of the best laptops for computer science majors, and best for students studying computer graphics.

Computer Science Students Studying General Computing

If you will be studying programming languages, databases, networking - anything but not video and graphic processing, below I will recommend some of the best laptops for you that you should buy. These laptops will be good enough for all your computer study tasks such as .NET, PHP, C++ programming, databases, networking, etc. These laptops have battery time of around 5 hours, and come with sufficient RAM, storage and CPU power for all you computing tasks. So, here you go with the list of best laptops for computer science majors, which will also suit your pocket. I have also hyperlinked the laptop models so you can check their latest price and the specs on Amazon (and buy one if you like any of these):

And If you think you will need a laptop with a long battery time, check out these best laptops for computer science students, with best battery:

Related reading:

Pros and Cons of Desktop PCs

Pros and Cons of Laptop PCs

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Learn How Many Ads and What Ad Types Were Clicked - Amazon Affiliate Account

Watch this video on how to view how many ads were clicked on your account and what type of ads that were clicked.

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