4 Great Uses of Airplane Mode Android Cell Phones

Airplane Mode Android

Did you ever question someone "What is Airplane mode Android?" I will explain it here. The Airplane mode (often also called as  Flight mode) is a feature in most Smart phones today that allows you to disable all wireless activity to and from your cell phone, such as WiFi, GPS, and cellular signals. There are many advantages of Airplane Mode and these are described below.

When Should You Use Airplane Mode?

The Airplane mode feature was introduced to allow people traveling in an airplane disable all wireless activity of their mobile phone so that there may be no interference to wireless signals sent and received by the wireless devices installed in the aircraft.  Those who have traveled by air must have heard cabin crew asking all passengers to switch off their mobile phone before take off. But now we have Airplane Mode in newer phones, we can leave our phones on and just disable the wireless communications. This way, we can still enjoy applications, games and music that are in our mobile phones.

What are Others Uses of Airplane Mode?

Well, there are many uses of Airplane Mode other than the one described above. Although the Flight Mode wasn't meant for these purposes, it can be used for these reasons. 

1. Battery Saver:  If you are running out of battery, turn on Flight Mode since in this mode,  wireless activities are disabled, consequently a very little battery is used. The Flight Mode can later be turned on when you need to make a phone call.

2. Privacy:  Do you stop people from ringing you? Turn on Flight Mode. But may be at the same time you want to use your WiFi? With Flight Mode is turned on, WiFi is also disabled. However, you can turn on your phone's WiFi manually whenever you want. This way, you can enjoy the Internet and also remains save from receiving phone calls at the same time.

3. Stop SMS from going to the receiver:  If you send a SMS message to someone by mistake and want to stop it from sending, quickly turn on the Flight Mode. Once it is turned on, delete your SMS. It will then not be transmitted to the recipient.

4. Avoid danger of fire: We all know that mobile phone signals are so intense that if frequently and intensely passed by flammable liquid, fire can be caused. There have been many instances in past where mobile phone signals caused fire at fuel station and at other places. 

So, when you are at such a place where fire can be caused easily, such as a fuel station, a work place where flammable goods are stored, instead of switching off your mobile phone, you can simple and quickly turn on Flight Mode to disable phone's wireless communications.

This article explained what Airplane Mode Android is and the different uses of Airplane Mode. 

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Is TV Bad for Children?

Is TV bad for children? Today television has become an essential part of our daily lives. Children are also eager to watch TV when they are free or don't have anything to do. There are a lot of programs that children can watch according to their age, taste or mood such as plays on Disney channel, Cartoons or National Geographic. Today, parents must figure out, is TV good for children under two? Read on for pros and cons of watching TV for the children.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV

Watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages.  According to some Experts, watching of TV especially among children is not good for the health and the mind. On the other hand some argue that TV is not bad for children as it is an effective means which can influence the shaping of the children's future in many parts of the world.


Let's have a look on pros on cons of watching TV. Children imitate the action, the spoken word and/or the personality, therefore watching a lot of television is bad for kids because of the disclosure of violence and unethical activities. TV shows cause children to become abrasive to violence. Another harmful effect of TV is that watching direct TV for many hours affects children's eye-sight as well as it can make them over-weight in early age. To avoid such damages people should use TV guide and follow strictly when instructions given in it, for the health and safety of their children.

Keeps Children Home

Apart from some bad impacts of TV, it is also beneficial in many ways. Instead of playing in streets, your child remains in home and does not involve in bad habits of street crimes. You can keep a close eye on your children.  There are many programs on TV channels that are fruitful for personality grooming of children.

Access to TV Media

There are many ways to access TV channels, such as dish TV, satellite TV, Cable network etc.  Each has its own specialties; some allow users a variety of channels, some offer high quality channels or some offer both with some other advance features.  TV can be accessed via internet. Now you can watch live TV on different websites via internet. There are many of channels available on internet around the world. By watching TV online children can get a lot of information upon worldwide events. In simple words, Online TV is more customized; it is playing great role in making people more informed today.


So, in final words, is watching TV bad for children? In the light of above discussion it can be concluded that it depends upon usage. Children should watch TV but the stuff should be moral and beneficial. Watching too much TV is bad, as excess of anything is bad. There are very few channels available for children under two, therefore parents should restrain them watching TV frequently.

What Is Status Date In Microsoft Project And How To Set Status Date

Want to learn about the Status Date in MS Project? Want to learn how to set Status Date in Project? You are on the right page. In this article i will tell you what status date is in MS Project, why you need it and how to use it. 

What is Status Date in Microsoft Office Project?

Now that you have already used different features of MS Project, and also worked with activities, entered costs and resources. It is not time to move from the planning stage to the execution phase. Remember tracking? Baselining? Yes?  I hope you have no confusion on how to create a baseline after adding activities and then saving (creating a baseline).

If you are OK with adding the activities, saving the baseline, you are good to go to learn, and use Status Date in Microsoft Project. So what is Status Date in MS Project, coming straight to the question. Status Date in MS Project is the date when you get the latest update on the actual progression of the project's activities.

The activity that you planned, and that which has now physically started must be tracked so that we can compare the real results with our plan. And for comparing the real result with your plan, we first need to tell MS Project that results of which date you want to compare your plan with. For example, you will tell MS Project that you want to compare today's activity progression (its final result) with what you planned earlier. So, if you want to compare today's results of your activities, you will set the Status Date to today's date. If you want to compare's some other day's result with you plan, you will set Status Date to that date.

Note: I have used words "results", "actual progression" above. Here i mean, the actual date, actual cost, actual duration and all the other actual values of the activity.

Setting And Using Status Date

Now you know what Status Date is, now let's learn how to set Status Date in MS Project, and then how to make use of it:

1. Set Status date.

First of all, we will set Status Date. Do this by going to the Project Tab and click on Status Date. Now you can change the Status Date of your project.

Note: The status date will be days ahead of the project start date. It could be the same date, if you want to track status on the same date when the project started. But now you choose a later date.

2. Insert a new column called Status.

3. Double-click on any activity to open the Task Information box (or through other method you are used to), and change the task percentage complete to 50%.

4. Notice what is shown in the Status column for the selected task.

If the task is running according to plan, the Status column will display "On Schedule". If it is not completed enough (e.g it should had been 10% completed everyday to finish in 10 days but it hasn't) the Status column will show "Late".  And if you set the status date, which is before the date when the task actual starts, then the Status column will show "Future Task"" in the cell.

Rescheduling After Setting Status Date

Once you have set the Status Date and viewed the activities' status, you should reschedule your plan. Rescheduling is required to adjust the plan according to the activities' status. If an activity is late, MS Project will extend the duration according to the no. of days it is late (by looking at the Status Date). And if the activity is on schedule, MS project will not do anything to it. And of course if the activity is a future task (meaning it hasn't started yet), MS Project will not need to change its duration  (plus or minus) also.

A Little Experiment

Now that you know what is Status Date in MS Project, let me just give you a task you can experiment now. Set a status date and make the task late by making very little

complete, i.e 5% complete.  See that the status column shows "Late".  Now click on "Reschedule Work" on the tracking bar, and see that the selected task has moved ahead. It is because MS Project knows the task is progressing slow, and it will be delayed, so it has automatically moved the finish date to a later date.

This was about MS Project Status Date. I hope this article explained "what is Status Date in MS Project", and how to set Status Date in MS Project well.

If you were seeking information on "what is Status Date in MS Project", this article explained that to you. I hope it is now clear to you what is Status Date and how to set Status Date in MS Project.

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Top Advantages of iPad

Advantages of iPad

So you have got a new iPad or planning to get one?  It's a good decision! Find out below the many advantages of iPad to you.


The obvious main advantage of Apple iPads is that they are highly portable, which can be carried around anywhere. This makes your office and personal life easier as you can stay in touch with people anywhere you go, without worrying and the hassle of taking desktop or laptop computer with you, which are heavy, takes space, and not always convenient to take with you.

Easy to Fit & Carry

iPad's weight is around 650 grams, and it measures 9.5 (H) x 7.3 (W). It makes the iPad easy to carry with you, in your pocket, your suitcase, your office briefcase, and you can take it with you anywhere you want easily.

It Turns on Quickly

One of the greatest benefits of using an iPad is that, unlike PC or Mac, the Apple iPad turns on almost instantly when you switch it on.  So if you've got an email to send, use want to use Facebook, calendar to schedule your tasks,  or word processing software or anything, just switch on the iPad and in a couple seconds the iPad is ready to perform your work.

Apps Galore

There are tons of home and business applications available from the Apple iTunes store, out of which hundreds of them are available free of cost. You can download games, and applications for business and home use and all are easily downloadable from the iTunes store, with just a few clicks.

Easy Communication

One of the main benefits of an iPad is that it allows you to conveniently stay in touch with people through web-mail, social networking websites, forums and through other means that are available to us on laptop/desktop computers.

Cheap Apps

There are tons of free and non-free apps available to use on an iPad. If you ever need an app that you couldn't find free, you can purchase the app for a very little cost. The iPad apps are available at a very low cost so you can save money while you perform daily-life computing.

Very Easy to Use

An iPad is very easy to use. You don't need anyone to teach you, you don't need to search for help on how to use it, an iPad is very simple to use and anyone can use it with convenience.

Works Just as an eBook Reader

You can do eBook reading on an iPad. Many people say an iPad is more comfortable than Kindle for eBook reading.

Awesome Battery Life

iPads have excellent battery lives. You can work on an iPad, playing games, surfing internet, and more for more than 11 hours - that's awesome!

Buy Cheaper iPad from Amazon

These are the advantages of iPad, so you if you haven't got an iPad, you can buy one at a cheaper price from Amazon.com. Just click on the banner at the bottom to buy your iPad directly from Amazon.

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