What are Electronic Cigarettes, Their Advantages and Contents?

Cigarette was thought to be fashionable in its early days. But soon the downside of smoking came into the limelight and cigarette smoking became a discouraged habit. Addictions can hardly be helped. Even with extensive awareness campaigns, people have been smoking and will keep on doing that.

In 2004, electronic cigarette  (e-cigarette) was invented. It uses an electronic battery to split nicotine into vapors that are necessary to quench the desire for the cigarette. The product was released in 2009 in the US market; it has been an instant hit.

Let's look at the detail about E-Cigarette....

Electronic Cigarettes Cost

Cigarettes cost a lot because they are hard to resist once an addiction is developed. Electronic cigarettes are expensive too but they are worth it. The start-up cost for E-cigarettes is high. The battery, the recharging device and the E-cigarette are expensive. But once they are bought, the cost becomes minimal provided they are taken care of.

Electronic Cigarettes Contents

The tobacco cigarette contains around 4000 dangerous chemicals that could drastically affect the health of the smoker. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes contain only nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring. Most carcinogens are chemicals are successfully avoided to provide a safer smoking experience. This way, the addictive nicotine suffices the physical need of smoking the cigarette and many chemicals are avoided.

Electronic Cigarettes Advantages

There are several advantages of smoking e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are odorless. They could be smoked anywhere as they won't create any smoke. They do not contain carcinogens and hence are very safe as compared to the tobacco cigarettes.

They are safe to smoke while having company since no smoke will interfere with the health of the people around you.

Even with extensive usage, they don't stain the teeth and fingers like the conventional tobacco cigarettes. They have many flavors like mint, vanilla, wild cherry and original tobacco.

If you have a cigarette addiction, go for an Electronic cigarette and do not compromise on your health. The experience is safer and healthier as E-cigarettes won't give you any deadly diseases like Cancer or bronchitis.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet Computers for Children

The market for tablets has blossomed very quickly over the past years. The Samsung Galaxy tabs and iPads have proven to be huge commercial breakthroughs. The portable nature of tablets, their small weight and attractive applications are some of the factors behind their enormous success. Tablets are popular among consumers of every age-group, but children are undoubtedly fascinated the most by their unique appearances and easy to understand functions. As a result, adult consumers are totally outnumbered by the children users. But before handing these tablets over to their young ones, the parents must be aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Tablet PCs

The most notable advantage of the use of tablets by children is entertainment. Children can amuse themselves by playing thousands of interesting games which are in accordance with their age-group. Some educational games are also available on the Apple Store and Google Play which can prove to be very helpful in teaching the young ones alphabets and numbers. These games also enhance the reading, time-telling, mathematics, art and memory skills of the children and in turn, improve their mental capabilities. The use of tablets makes children more active physically as well as mentally.

Disadvantages of Tablet PCs

Although the use of tablets increases the mental sharpness of children and helps them in their early education, it also carries many disadvantages. The most prominent drawback of the use of tablets by children is the medical one. The intense rays coming out of the tablet screens can damage the eyes and result in nearsightedness. Especially children between 3-7 age are more affected because of their more sensitive eyes. Another downside of the use of tablets by children is that they can hinder the development of their communication skills. Children sometimes get entangled in the tablets to such an extent that they ignore their surroundings and do not communicate enough with the people around them. Recently, a study was carried out which showed that the children who use tablets for more than three hours daily have more chance of facing conduct problems by the age of seven than children who do not.

The use of tablets by children has both negative, as well as positive effects. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children use tablets only in a productive manner and not overuse them to such an extent that they may prove harmful.

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Is It Necessary to Turn Off Mobile Phone in Plane?

Flying has to be made safe in every possible way and extra care is often taken to make sure that a safe journey is made. But with the excessive use of gadgets and technology, this rule seems to get a lot of frowns, partly because it is never proved that an air plane went to blazes or crashed due to an interfering gadget.

The most annoying rule about flying is turning off the wireless gadgets, isn't it! You are stuck on a plane for several hours and you are asked to say goodbye to the sole thing of comfort. But is it necessary to turn off your mobile phone in the plane? Read on to find out...

What is the Rule for Using Mobile Phone in Airplane?

According to the set of laws, which are quite standardized around the world, the use of handy gadgets is not allowed below the height of 3,000m (10,000ft), even in "flight mode" which stops the communication of signals. Above this height, gadgets like laptops and iPods can be used, but mobile phones must remain off.

The Scientists's Stance

The electronics devices emit radio waves to communicate with the mobile networks and connect with the internet. The airplanes contain hundreds of avionics that communicate with the ground, keep track of all the mechanics that keeps the plane in air and help in navigation. It is thought theoretically that the radio waves coming out of the gadgets could interfere with these avionic systems and cause malfunctioning.

All the tech gadgets like tablets, laptops, Smartphones and iPods emit such radio waves. It is feared that a malfunctioning gadget could release stronger waves that could be hazardous.

No Proof?

Flying is said to be the safest mode of travelling in the modern world. Fortunately, very few accidents occur. No accident has ever been recorded to have been caused by an interfering gadget. Some experts say that you never know, maybe the black box could not record the real cause of malfunctioning as some accidents still remain a mystery.

Let's Stick to the Rule

US authorities are researching that the use of gadgets while flying is whether safe or not. But until the results are yet to be announced, it is wise to stick to the rule of switching off the phone or use the Flight Mode in your phone. Of course, you would not want to have a bad flying experience just because of an Angry Birds game.

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Why Desktop PCs are Still Not Dead?

Desktop Personal Computers have been around for more than two decades now. The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds during this duration. New gadgets have been born. Many analysts claim that the PC is dead or is dying. But it is not so. Although, during the recent years, a decline has been witnessed in the sale of Desktop PCs, but it, by no means, suggests or proves that PCs have died.

Following are the reasons that keep the PCs still doing well.

  • Desktop Computers are inexpensive as compared to laptops or tablets. You might find every other person having a personal laptop in developed countries. But this is not the case in developing and emerging economies. Many times, the whole family shares the same computer. The cost effectiveness of Desktop PCs makes them strong.

  • Desktop PCs are highly customizable. One could upgrade the memory, RAM and change the processor as well. The replacement of parts and peripherals is cheap and easy. On the other hand, it is expensive to upgrade the laptop. The tables are hardly upgradable in any way. Desktop PCs win in this regard.

  • Desktop PCs still remain a crucial part of offices and institutions. Every office needs quite a lot of computing devices for daily tasks. If the employers decide to buy each of the employees a laptop, the finances would go down. Similarly, in all the institutions around the world, labs still use Desktop Computers.

  • Computers still remain a good choice for gamers. It is because the hardware requirements of the latest games keep on changing all the time and Desktop PCs could be upgraded with little amount of money. Moreover, the upgradation capacity of portable computers is not as much as that of Desktop PCs.

The recent years have seen a decline in the sales of Desktop PCs. The tablet PCs and Laptop seem to be everywhere but Personal Computers are nowhere near obsolete and they are going to stay for quite a while.


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