What is Internet of Things, What Does IoT Mean? IoT Uses

What is Internet of Things?

What is Internet of Things and what does IoT mean? IoT, short for Internet of Things means anything connected to the Internet to be operated remotely. So, the example of IoT could be your room light bulbs connected to a smartphone app through Internet so that you could turn the light on/off without needing to move to the on/off switch.

Using the Internet of Things technologies, we can connect virtually any electronic device to the Internet to be accessed and operated remotely. The concept of connecting electronic devices to the Internet is not very old and that is why we don't see and hear a lot (as of 2020) of IoT but work on IoT technology is happening very fast. Technology analysts predict that there will be around 40 billion connected IoT devices by the year 2025!

What are Different Uses of Internet of Things?


The IoT technologies used in transportation, can assist in control, communication and processing of information. For example, IoT could be used for smart parking, smart traffic control, electronic toll collection systems, vehicle control.

Building construction

IoT devices can be used to monitor and control the electrical and mechanical infrastructure used in buildings, such as an elevator. IoT can also be used for real-time monitoring and controlling of energy consumption, and likewise there could be many other such IoT uses in home and building automation.


Internet of Things can extensively be used for connecting vehicles, robots, sensors, equipment, human wearable and other technology that is used in military operations.


There could be a lot of uses of IoT in farming. This technology could be used for collecting data on rainfall, wind speed, soil quality, temperature. The collected data can then be used in making decisions, minimizing risks and wastes. IoT could even help using devices at farms to be controlled for the purpose of using spray, pumps and using other machinery remotely.


IoT can help a lot in real-time optimization of manufacturing processes with the remote and automated use of sensors, control systems and other devices. The IoT can help for example in plant optimization, supply chain management, asset management, event management and likewise there could be many uses using IoT technologies.

Need of IoT

IoT is going to help us to be more efficient in how we do our routine tasks and save money and time also at the same time.  IoT has a lot of potential. It can get the tech companies, governments and people re-think how they should deliver and use services and products. In addition to allowing us to be more efficient to do things, the IoT will prove itself to be so much useful in elderly care, for the healthcare departments and for the physically or mentally impaired persons.

Having said and foreseen that, it can be said that very soon the world will become quite dependent on using Internet of Things devices, and even to the extend may be the use of the IoT devices in offices, homes, vehicles, planes and at every other place will be very common. Furthermore, we will find IoT devices available in our near electronic stores and these will be available at affordable prices - this era is very near!

Internet of Things Example of a Fridge

LG introduced in 1990 the world's first IoT fridge that you could operate remotely through Internet. There were a number of things the fridge owner could do using the fridge's IoT technology such as he would be notified if the inside fridge temperature is low and needs an increase. That fridge had other interesting features. Read about how IoT fridges are evolving and what features they currently have and will have in the near future. It's very interesting what an advanced IoT fridge could do. Read more about it here.

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15 Facts About 5G Technology

5G will be heard quite more often just after a few months time once it is deployed in more cities and countries worldwide. Due to regulatory and other issues, 5G could not replace 4G yet as was expected.

Unlike 4G, the 5G technology has a lot to offer and also there are many 5G interesting facts that you would like to read about. So, read on for facts about 5G technology:

  • The 5G technology is going to generate more than 150 billion USD a year.

  • 5G will be responsible for creating more than 2.5 millions jobs worldwide.

  • Devices running 5G will allow you to download data up to 100 times faster than with the current 4G technology.

  • 5G antennas and towers will require less power to transmit the 5g signals to you

  • With 5G, you can use your cell phone even in a very congested place and in basements of a building.

  • When the outbreak of Covid 19 (coronavirus), many people around the world thought or believed that the 5g wireless signal transmission is responsible for the creation and spreading of the coronavirus.

  • As per Ericsson's report, by the year 2024, there will be 400 million 5G users worldwide.

  • Elon Musks's SpaceX company is going to launch 1200 satellite to provide 5G network service around the world.

  • Many countries including France, Nigeria, Switzerland and more have halted the launch of 5G until it is proven that 5G signals are not harmful for health.

  • Many insurance companies in different countries are classifying 5G as high risk.

  • Some research has shown impacts of 5G on plants and trees and even on wildlife.

  • Due to uncertainty about whether 5G is harmful to human body or not, properties which have 5G antennas installed nearby have seen price drop.

  • Not just mobile phones, 5G will make use of many devices like wearables, smart home devices, virtual reality headsets more efficient and more legitimate.

  • The last one in this list of 5G technology facts: Although so far only available in just a number of cities in the world, the 5G smartphones however are selling on Amazon, with a large variety available for you to choose from. Check the 5G phones here.

These were facts about 5G technology. You may also like to read about the many benefits of 5G other than just speed.

Best Smart Fridge Features

In 1990s, the idea of connecting home alliances such as TV, fridge, heater, etc through Internet was promoted and commercialized. In year 2000, LG was the first company in the world to introduce the world’s first smart fridge. That fridge used the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to allow you change the temperature inside the fridge from a mobile phone app, to alert you if the door was left opened accidentally and to do a number of more smart things like these. The product was not successful because people considered it to be overly prices and non-essential.

Smart Fridge Features

Today, smart fridges come with many different features and the list below mentions the best smart fridge features:

  • The smart fridge allows you to see inside your refrigerator from different angles.

  • You can track what you have in the fridge and what you need to buy at the grocery store.

  • Smart refrigerators can help you manage the expiry of products by sending you alerts about what should be thrown out.

  • Some smart fridges can automatically re-order products when their are finished or when less quantity is left, through online websites .

  • The fridge will ping you if you have left the door open.

  • Some smart fridges also work as an entertainment hub, allowing you to play music.

  • Some have digital planners that let you simplify and organize your daily routine.

  • Smart fridge contain technology that makes them more energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

  • Through the LCD panel on the smart fridge, you can access online recipes. You can either read the recipes yourself or have the fridge read them out to you.

  • The fridge will alert you when it needs maintenance.

  • Mobile app the comes with the fridge allow you to remotely change the temperature inside the fridge.

Advantages of Owning a Smart Fridge

A smart fridge in your kitchen will let you control your fridge and its content. You can monitor your food and cut down on food waste. You get the ability to know when food items are expiring. With the added LCD display, you add more fun in the house by displaying photos, playing music right from the fridge.

The smart fridge is a good choice for elderly and kids alike. Especially the disabled persons will find it useful by being able to remotely manage it and by having the fridge to look after the food and order the food itself for you.

Smart Fridges in Future 

In spite of the fact that many different smart fridges options are available in the market, there is still room for more advancements in the smart fridge technology and functions. The technology of smart fridges may even be expanded to detect the freshness of the stored food and also advise on meals that could be cooked with the items inside. 

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What is Google Fi? Free/Cheap Calls and Data Even When Abroad

What is Google Fi? 

Google Fi is a cell phone network service just like Verizon or AT&T but there is something unique about Google Fi - you don't need to get a physical Google Fi SIM to get started. However, you need to own either a Google phone or any of the other brand's phone listed here to connect with the Google Fi network without a SIM. The phones that work with Google Fi eSim are called 'designed for Fi' phones.

No worries even if you don't own a Google Fi supported phone, you can purchase Google Fi physical SIM to use the Google Fi network.

Whether you use a 'designed for Fi' phone or any other phone, it must be unlocked for Google Fi to work.

Transferring Your Current Cell Phone Number to Google Fi

Yes, you can do that as well. Once you set up your phone to use with eSIM or insert a physical Google Fi SIM, you will be given the option to transfer your existing number to the Google Fi SIM / eSIM.

What are the Google Fi Plans

Google Fi is cheap but if you purchase a plan for two, three or more persons together, you can save up to 20% in your bills.

So, for example you purchase a Pay-as-you-go plan for three persons, it will cost each person $17 ($20 if purchased for 1 user only) each month and it will give you cheap phone calls and cost to use data will be same whether you use it in the US or abroad. For using data, you will need to pay $10 / Gb.

This plan probably doesn't sound attractive then you can buy $50 a month plan for three persons ($70 if purchased for one person only) and this plan will let you use unlimited data, free calls within US and to 50+ countries and free text and data abroad.

You can purchase a plan for up to 6 persons and this plan comes with the cheapest price. But before you purchase a plan for other persons, make sure they have Google Fi supported phone or they buy the SIM first.

Having free or cheap communication while abroad is the main attraction in Google Fi, which makes it unique and stand out in the crowd of thousand other cell phone service providers.

Other Benefits of Using Google Fi

By keeping your WiFi on, you can expand the cell phone network coverage where the cellular network is not enough strong. You can also manage use of mobile data and letting WiFi take over in case of heavy data use. Google says that you can expect faster streaming and downloads using Google Fi data, compared to speed offered by other networks.

Where to Purchase a Google Fi Supported Phone or a Google Fi Plan

This Google Fi page has both together - SIM and the plans that you can purchase right there. Alternatively, the SIM is also available for purchase on Amazon.com 

Google Fi App

You can download the Google Fi app on your phone and check usage, add/remove members on your plan, and you can even split the bills among your group members. Through the app, you can switch between different plans every month to suit your changing needs.


In the competitive world of network communications and the increase of international travel, i believe that Google has surely offered one of the best things that was needed for the cell phone users.

If you want to purchase a Google phone to use with Google Fi, you will find so many options to purchase right away on this page of Amazon.com 

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