Benefits of Using IT in Medical Field

Diagnosis and IT

There are many benefits of using IT in medical field. The modern IT provides many tools, aide and assistance in solving problems quickly and efficiently. Powerful computers have the ability to organize and present data in a tidy manner so that it is easy to draw conclusions from a set of raw facts. This can help medical personnel detect certain patterns of ailments in their patients which can lead to their spotting progression of diseases in a society. Doctors can also take some help from information technology in recognizing symptoms and locating the origins of the symptoms using the experiences of other doctors who have had patients with similar problems. Similarly, they can use others' experience while suggesting possible solutions to the diseases and deciding whether surgery is necessary or medications will be sufficient.

Data Management

Information Technology can also be helpful for doctors to keep track of their patients' medical history. The medical history, efficiently stored and presented, can help the doctor determine the medications that would suit the patient. It may also help him recognize if certain dangerous patterns are forming in the recurrence of a certain disease.

Most can made out of the potential of Information Technology if the medical personnel share their experiences in curing different diseases with others so that the other doctors can look up similar cases and know from the formers' experience the likely result of a certain suggested cure. But of course precautions have to be taken so that personal information of the patients is not made public. There are certain things that have to remain between the doctor and the patient. These details must not be compromised.

IT Professional in Medical Field

Doctors themselves cannot be expected to keep up with all the latest technological innovations and the new ways to share data. So it is the responsibility of the medical institutions to hire IT experts who can guide the institution into using IT efficiently and fulfill the promise of Information Technology. These IT people can collaborate with the medical staff to make sure that all the useful information is available to be used by others looking for the very same kind of information.

Information Technology has loads of opportunities and new ways to communicate and share information. Medical fields must also cash in on these prospects to the benefit of the society and the community as a whole.

Use of IT in medical field is increasing day by day and simplifying doctor's day to day work. 

What are Electronic Cigarettes, Their Advantages and Contents?

Cigarette was thought to be fashionable in its early days. But soon the downside of smoking came into the limelight and cigarette smoking became a discouraged habit. Addictions can hardly be helped. Even with extensive awareness campaigns, people have been smoking and will keep on doing that.

In 2004, electronic cigarette  (e-cigarette) was invented. It uses an electronic battery to split nicotine into vapors that are necessary to quench the desire for the cigarette. The product was released in 2009 in the US market; it has been an instant hit.

Let's look at the detail about E-Cigarette....

Electronic Cigarettes Cost

Cigarettes cost a lot because they are hard to resist once an addiction is developed. Electronic cigarettes are expensive too but they are worth it. The start-up cost for E-cigarettes is high. The battery, the recharging device and the E-cigarette are expensive. But once they are bought, the cost becomes minimal provided they are taken care of.

Electronic Cigarettes Contents

The tobacco cigarette contains around 4000 dangerous chemicals that could drastically affect the health of the smoker. Meanwhile, e-cigarettes contain only nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring. Most carcinogens are chemicals are successfully avoided to provide a safer smoking experience. This way, the addictive nicotine suffices the physical need of smoking the cigarette and many chemicals are avoided.

Electronic Cigarettes Advantages

There are several advantages of smoking e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are odorless. They could be smoked anywhere as they won't create any smoke. They do not contain carcinogens and hence are very safe as compared to the tobacco cigarettes.

They are safe to smoke while having company since no smoke will interfere with the health of the people around you.

Even with extensive usage, they don't stain the teeth and fingers like the conventional tobacco cigarettes. They have many flavors like mint, vanilla, wild cherry and original tobacco.

If you have a cigarette addiction, go for an Electronic cigarette and do not compromise on your health. The experience is safer and healthier as E-cigarettes won't give you any deadly diseases like Cancer or bronchitis.

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Pornography Censorship: Myths and Realities

Internet Pornography is a major concern of parents and many adults as well. The subject is a taboo to some extent and there are a lot of myths that shadow our minds regarding this.

The quantity of the explicit material

It is often believed that adult websites must be among the top most visited sites. But to surprise and please many of us, only 7 adult content websites make it to the top 100 most visited sites.

According to an academic research, only 4% of the websites on internet are porn sites. The research was carried out on the top one million sites. But this figure is of course debatable due to many reasons.

Is the objectionable material only restricted to some specific sites?

Another interesting perspective that drifts in mind is that can we actually say that only the porn sites contain explicit material? The answer is a sure negative. Many ‘safe’ sites are flooded with adult content. For example, YouTube has a massive database of such objectionable material. Similarly, many social media websites like Facebook also have pages and groups that cater to the adult market. But these sites are never labeled and are considered safe.

Pornography Censorship

Many governments, including the British Government, around the world look into Pornography censorship very seriously so as to save the young minds from corrupting. But the question remains that whether reliable and effective censorship possible?

After being said that many safe sites could also be explicit, effective censoring would mean visiting and checking each and every page on the cyberspace. But this is not humanly possible owing to the fact that there are billions of websites.

Using an automated algorithm or software might seem like a solution but this would result in blocking of many safe sites and allowing access to many undesirable sites due to the quality of material that they offer. Hence, this remains a blunt tool!

Saving the kids

The conclusion is that the only possible way to save children from view adult content is constant supervision. No other way could possibly block the content. Proper training, good guidance and a hawk eye upon the children can fruitfully save their innocence!

Is It Necessary to Turn Off Mobile Phone in Plane?

Flying has to be made safe in every possible way and extra care is often taken to make sure that a safe journey is made. But with the excessive use of gadgets and technology, this rule seems to get a lot of frowns, partly because it is never proved that an air plane went to blazes or crashed due to an interfering gadget.

The most annoying rule about flying is turning off the wireless gadgets, isn't it! You are stuck on a plane for several hours and you are asked to say goodbye to the sole thing of comfort. But is it necessary to turn off your mobile phone in the plane? Read on to find out...

What is the Rule for Using Mobile Phone in Airplane?

According to the set of laws, which are quite standardized around the world, the use of handy gadgets is not allowed below the height of 3,000m (10,000ft), even in "flight mode" which stops the communication of signals. Above this height, gadgets like laptops and iPods can be used, but mobile phones must remain off.

The Scientists's Stance

The electronics devices emit radio waves to communicate with the mobile networks and connect with the internet. The airplanes contain hundreds of avionics that communicate with the ground, keep track of all the mechanics that keeps the plane in air and help in navigation. It is thought theoretically that the radio waves coming out of the gadgets could interfere with these avionic systems and cause malfunctioning.

All the tech gadgets like tablets, laptops, Smartphones and iPods emit such radio waves. It is feared that a malfunctioning gadget could release stronger waves that could be hazardous.

No Proof?

Flying is said to be the safest mode of travelling in the modern world. Fortunately, very few accidents occur. No accident has ever been recorded to have been caused by an interfering gadget. Some experts say that you never know, maybe the black box could not record the real cause of malfunctioning as some accidents still remain a mystery.

Let's Stick to the Rule

US authorities are researching that the use of gadgets while flying is whether safe or not. But until the results are yet to be announced, it is wise to stick to the rule of switching off the phone or use the Flight Mode in your phone. Of course, you would not want to have a bad flying experience just because of an Angry Birds game.

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