Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

There are several pros and cons of desktop computers. So, if you were wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of desktop PCs, read on to find them out.

Advantages of Desktop PCs

  • Most of the IT hardware parts are upgradable.

  • Cheaper option compared to laptops.

  • Easier to repair, since many IT hardware components like CPU, RAM, Audio, Graphics cards etc are separate parts and can be detached for repair.

  • Desktop computers often have more life than laptop computers

  • A large number of hardware components, allowing one to customize or upgrade his computer as he wishes

  • When it comes to gaming, Desktop PCs are the 1st option since they offer higher power, higher expandability to allow running of rich-graphic games.

Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

Desktop computers not just have advantages, there are disadvantages of desktop computers, too. Let's read about their disadvantages.

  • Heavy to carry and move to another place.
  • Consumes plenty space on your desk.

  • So many cables running into the PC i.e power, video, audio, etc.

  • Must be plugged into power outlet all the time to use.
  • High power Desktop PCs produce noise

  • Needs a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse

These were advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers. 

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Resolving the iTunes Error 50 the Easy Way

Are you getting the iTunes error 50? Do not worry; it is not a big problem. You can resolve this problem in minutes. Read on to find out how.

iTunes Unknown Error -50

The Apple iTunes store is a great one-stop entertainment store offering nearly everything that you can think of, ranging from music and movies to applications for your Apple device. Usually you can download files from the Apple iTunes store to the iTunes application or your Apple device and not run into any problems, but sometimes the process can cause problems. Many users nowadays are getting the iTunes error 50 while downloading purchased content from the iTunes store.

The iTunes error 50 means that the Apple device or the iTunes program couldn't successfully download the file from the Apple iTunes store. This happens when the internet connection times out while downloading the content from the Apple iTunes store. When the connection timeout occurs, the download fails as the server stops sending the file to the player or the computer.

What Causes the Problem To Occur?

People run various type of software on their computers for security, Internet enhancements and other reasons. Most computers now run an Antivirus, Firewall, ad filter, web accelerator or other similar software. These programs may affect how a server sends data to your computer over the internet. These can interfere with the data transmission or freeze it completely, due to which the download slows down or fails completely.

How To Fix the Problem

If you've Antivirus, Firewall, or other software mentioned above installed on your computer, configure each of them to allow the iTunes program to connect to the Internet. Open the options for each software, and add the following Apple domains in it:





For help on adding domains in the software, consult the software documentation, or contact the support department of the software developer to help you do this. Usually this is very easy to do and you will not have any problem in adding the domains in the software. Alternatively, try downloading the file from some other computer, or if you are on a network, discuss the problem with your system administrator.

If you are getting the iTunes -50 error only when you try to download video files, you can correct the problem by deleting cached data of the video you are trying to download. Here is how to delete the cache:

1. Navigate to the folder that holds the cached files for iTunes. It is usually the Downloads folder of the application.

2. Now inside that folder, locate the folder that has same name as your video and ends with .tmp.

3. Now open the iTunes program, go to the Store menu and select Check for Available Downloads.

4. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter these credentials and then click on the Check button.

The download will start and you will no longer receive the iTunes error 50 (-50 error  iTunes).

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World's Latest Television Technologies

When it comes to latest televisions you are likely to find numerous kinds each with different and even more fascinating qualities. Leading and the most popular kinds of latest televisions are LCD, LED, Plasma screens etc. Each of these are appreciated all across the globe.

With the influx of technology and new innovation nothing is saved. This revolution has taken in everything that was once involved in our lives in a simple form. Digital technology has also taken in its fold the television sets that were considered quite an insignificant and unimportant entities in our lives. However now with the latest televisions' technology and the incorporation of the digital technology that ordinary television set in out living rooms and bed rooms are now given quite a lot of hype and much more significance. In fact they are now the center of attention in the entire household.

The word digital technology is the use of digital signals for transmission of audio and video signals to any device equipped with such technology. The reason why digital technology is incorporated in televisions to form latest televisions is that through it the quality of sounds and audios are magically improved and are enhanced in order to make it more divine and larger than life. The sensation of the cinematic quality sound and visuals  are a s great as any other experience.


LCD televisions are an example of the latest televisions that have taken a great boom in the market and are highly popular. World famous television producing companies like Sony, TCL, Toshiba. Samsung, LG are producing these highest and latest televisions that are selling like hot cakes. The term LCD stands for 'Liquid Crystal display' which is self explanatory of the crystal clear audio and visuals of the device. LCD televisions are lighter and are of the highest quality examples of the latest televisions. When it comes to their resolution LCD televisions have a more refined and clearer resolution that is the key factor of their appreciation. In fact some LCDs of the highest qualities are known for giving a cinematic quality of the audio and video.

Plasma Displays

Plasma televisions are also another examples of advanced and latest televisions that have great market appeal and popularity. These televisions are known as Plasma because they use small cells that contain special electronically charged ionized gases to transmit images and sounds. This example of latest televisions is also known for giving a much clearer display and sound. In Plasmas you can view larger angles than LCDs without distorting or decreasing the image qualities.

Internet Television

These days the trend of internet television is also increasing. In fact internet television is one convenient way and a useful investment which can give you benefits of both a computer monitor and that of a nice television set. Furthermore if you use internet television in your  daily computer use you can get great sensations of larger than life images. Furthermore due to the internet technology you can view television programs on Internet with the facility of live streaming and recorded programs availability.

LED Television

LED televisions are manufactured as such to make use of LED back lighting instead of the usual CCFL which is used in common LCD televisions. These types of latest televisions are generally more dynamic in terms of display and audio. Furthermore these latest televisions are known for being less harmful for the harmful and are more reliable in the long run as compared to the LCDs and other latest televisions.

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Advantages Of UDP Over TCP

What is an advantage of UDP over TCP?

The following are advantages of UDP over TCP :

1) UDP does not need the overhead required to detect reliability.

2) It does not need to maintain the unexpected deception of a data flow.

3) UDP requires less processing at the transmitting and receiving of hosts

4) It is simple to use for a network.

5) The operating system does not need to maintain UDP connections information.

6) Data transmission is faster than TCP.

Recommended Use of UDP

UDP is more appropriate to use it on large distributed systems where each host has to communicate with many destinations at the same time. In huge data communication systems, UDP helps reduce bandwidth and in faster data transmission. For example, when UDP is used for media streaming e.g. a movie, large data, generally in GBs is transmitted.  And if a tiny movie content is not transmitted (as UDP doesn't guarantee transmission) we can still understand it.

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