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Top 5 Dell Laptops to Buy (2023)

These are the latest and top 5 best laptops by Dell to buy in year 2022.   Click on each to view more details or to buy directly at, at a low rate than the market rate.

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Pros and Cons of Laptops

Pros of Laptop Computers

Portability:  The biggest advantage of using a laptop is portability. You can take it with you to your bed, sofa, desk, car and anywhere else with ease.

Backup power: This is another great advantage of laptop computers that they come with battery packs. So, you don't need to be connected with power socket all the time to be able to use the computer.

Weight: PC computers are quite heavy as a PC computer consist of a screen, casing containing motherboard and other devices, separate keyboard and mouse. On the other hand, these all things are compact in laptop and are much lighter in weight.

Portions: A laptop PC is a single piece of computer. Keyboard, mouse, screen - all parts are a single piece. It makes it very easy for handling and use.

Power: Laptop computers use less power compared to desktop PCs

Cons of Laptop Computers

Price: Laptop computers are costlier than Desktop PCs.

Security: Since laptops are portable and lightweight, this makes them insecure. Anyone can steal the laptop with ease.

Specifications: Laptop computers generally have lower specifications (such as RAM, CPU power) compared to Desktop PCs 

Ports: Although most laptops come with most commonly used ports such as HDMI, VGA, USB, there is no extra option to install any other device to your laptop, for example if you want to install a graphics device, video cards, TV Tuner-card

These were pros and cons of laptop computers. Also read:

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Advantages of Laptops, disadvantages of laptops

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Perfect & Easy Solution: Outlook: All Emails Not Showing in Inbox

You might have not emails in your Outlook inbox. If you notice, the emails you already have in the inbox are up to a certain date i.e only up to 1 month old emails are in your inbox.

Nothing to worry, nothing got deleted, nothing got corrupted. This is default Outlook setting to show only 1 month old emails in the inbox.

If you want to show older or all emails in your inbox, follow these steps:

1. Click on File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings.

2. Your email account must already be selected. If not select it and click on 'Change' button. (See image below)

3. At bottom-right, where it says 'Mail to keep offline', move the slider there to right to show 3 month old, 6, 12, 24 month old or all emails in your inbox. (See image below)

4. Click Next. Outlook will process your inbox. Wait for a while then click 'Close.

5. Finally, click Finish and Close. You've now all emails in your inbox

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Freeware Antispam Add-ins For Outlook

Use Microsoft Outlook but you hate continuous bombardment of spam? don't worry, there are plenty of great plug-ins for Outlook available that can check the new mail for spam, detect and remove it automatically. The following are some of the greatest anti-spam plug-ins for Outlook.

1. Cloudmark SafetyBar - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

Cloudmark SafetyBar is an easy-to-use phishing and junk protection solution for Outlook. It is great at detecting spam and preventing it infect your Outlook email.

2. Ella for Spam Control - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

Ella for Spam Control is a spam filtering Add-on for Outlook. It is highly effective for preventing Spam. It not only eliminates spam but also prioritizes good mail.

3. SpamBayes - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

The SpamBayes is an Add-on for Outlook, which employs sophisticated analysis to protect your Outlook Inbox from junk mail. It is easy-to-use and works really great.

4. Disruptor OL - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

Disruptor OL is a highly effective Add-on for detecting and eliminating spam. Disruptor OL combines is very accurate and fast but also a bit complex.

5. Outclass - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

The Outclass Add-on integrated POPFile with your Outlook. It is extremely accurate and easy to use spam filtering Add-on. It automatically classifies mail and filters spam. It works with all email type of account types.

6. eTrust Anti-Spam - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

eTrust Anti-Spam is a great Add-on that allows mail to your Outlook only from approved senders. It checks sender credentials so that you could be warned of potential phishing attempts. It lets you search emails quickly, too.

7. Junk-Out - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

Junk-Out is an effective anti-spam Add-on for Outlook. It integrates the Bayesian filters and lets you manage spam easily and flexibly.

8. MailFrontier Desktop - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

MailFrontier Desktop is a great Add-on that integrates a number of anti-spam methods to create a powerful spam filtering package. It is overall a great Add-on but individual module is not perfect.

9. SpamAid - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

With SpamAid, you get a great spam detection at a fast rate and the add-on is really easy to use.

10. SpamCatcher Outlook - Outlook Spam Filtering Add-On

SpamCatcher automatically learns span behavior and is highly effective tool for preventing scam to your Outlook inbox.

These were top free antispam for Outlook.

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