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New Features in Dreamweaver CS6

The following are the great new Dreamweaver features that are added in the CS6 version.

1. Fluid Grid Layout

It let's you create web design suitable for mobile screen, a tablet or desktop computer.
The web design that you will create using any of these three options will be responsive design to improve readability across a large range of electronic devices.

2. jQuery Effects Library

You can now include effects such as adding sliders without needing to write a code or you can import a theme from Adobe Fireworks. And yes, when you add any jQuery effect, Dreamweaver will automatically insert the relevant code in your document and of course you can add jQuery effects on events such as onClick event.

This was the much needed and now we have it in CS6.

3. CSS Transition Effects

You can now use CSS for transition effects, without using javascript or anything else. There is a point-and-click workflow provided in the software that you can use to apply a CSS transition to your web elements without doing any CSS coding.

4. Multiple CSS classes

Now, you can apply more than one CSS class to a single element

5. New Site Manager

The 'Manage Sites' dialog box has been redesigned with better user friendly interface.

6. New Web fonts

Now you can use web-supported fonts like Adobe fonts and Google fonts in the software.

7. Adobe Catalyst

Now you can upload your Business Catalyst account and manage the modules from the Drewamweaver itself. It is a nice facility for web designers who want to focus on creativity tasks instead of technical or others.

8. Phone Gap integration

PhoneGap is a popular cross-platform for mobile application development. Now, in CS6, they have included the PhoneGap build option you can compile and build your web project into a mobile application for both iOS and Android. And to do this, you do not need to prepare your system to compile a native mobile application, CS6 does it all for you.

9. Faster FTP

Dreamwveaver can now transfers the file much faster than before with mult-channel async transfer option.

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