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Is It Necessary to Turn Off Mobile Phone in Plane?

Flying has to be made safe in every possible way and extra care is often taken to make sure that a safe journey is made. But with the excessive use of gadgets and technology, this rule seems to get a lot of frowns, partly because it is never proved that an air plane went to blazes or crashed due to an interfering gadget.

The most annoying rule about flying is turning off the wireless gadgets, isn't it! You are stuck on a plane for several hours and you are asked to say goodbye to the sole thing of comfort. But is it necessary to turn off your mobile phone in the plane? Read on to find out...

What is the Rule for Using Mobile Phone in Airplane?

According to the set of laws, which are quite standardized around the world, the use of handy gadgets is not allowed below the height of 3,000m (10,000ft), even in "flight mode" which stops the communication of signals. Above this height, gadgets like laptops and iPods can be used, but mobile phones must remain off.

The Scientists's Stance

The electronics devices emit radio waves to communicate with the mobile networks and connect with the internet. The airplanes contain hundreds of avionics that communicate with the ground, keep track of all the mechanics that keeps the plane in air and help in navigation. It is thought theoretically that the radio waves coming out of the gadgets could interfere with these avionic systems and cause malfunctioning.

All the tech gadgets like tablets, laptops, Smartphones and iPods emit such radio waves. It is feared that a malfunctioning gadget could release stronger waves that could be hazardous.

No Proof?

Flying is said to be the safest mode of travelling in the modern world. Fortunately, very few accidents occur. No accident has ever been recorded to have been caused by an interfering gadget. Some experts say that you never know, maybe the black box could not record the real cause of malfunctioning as some accidents still remain a mystery.

Let's Stick to the Rule

US authorities are researching that the use of gadgets while flying is whether safe or not. But until the results are yet to be announced, it is wise to stick to the rule of switching off the phone or use the Flight Mode in your phone. Of course, you would not want to have a bad flying experience just because of an Angry Birds game.

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