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iOS vs Android: Which One is Better?

iOS vs Android

Over the past decade, Smart-phones have only increased in value and assisted thousands of professionals from important projects to the most basic tasks. The permeating value of smart-phones and their day-to-day applications cannot be ignored as they have great influence on daily routines and business matters.

Today the most common operating system technologies used in smart-phones are iOS (iPhone operating system) and Android operating system. Well the choices between apple iOS and Android depend upon various factors that user value. Let's measure both of them with features which users care about the most.

Ease of Use

  • In terms of ease, most of the users will agree that iPhone is the first choice. Android has come a long way and has improved a lot but with respect to ease of use perspective iPhone takes the cake. Android phones consist of a lot of buttons and a home screens too.


  • With respect to openness, Android takes preference as it is open source, and most users prefer openness in terms of what can be done with the smart-phone. Android market offer variety of apps, majority of them are free as well.

Battery Consumption

  • On the basis of battery timing, iPhone is what you actually want. In fact Android devices support a lot of features that is why the battery life is low. Well Android phones vary in terms of battery timing but overall they have less battery time with compared with iPhone.

Keyboard Optimization

  • The keyboard of iOS software is appreciably better than the Android's keyboard, but in terms of a system-wide search, both iPhone and Android search out more or less same things. Android devices just cannot search emails

Sync Features

  • The synchronization feature of iPhones is traditional one as it requires users to plug in connect to iTunes, while this should be done wirelessly. Android phones or Android tablets have excellent syncing feature supported by Google, and it continues to work even if you old smart-phone has been lost. But iPhone's voice text feature is superb and works much better than any of its counterparts.

  • At last but not the least, Android operating system is better than iPhone because it can convert your device into a Wi-Fi hot spot which can actually provide Wi-Fi connection up to 7 buddies.


It is really hard to decide which is better iPhone or Android. An important indicator for choice between then is Apps: The apps make the phone, after all! Though number of apps available at apple store is tremendously high than Anrdoid apps but a lot of them are crap too. 

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