How to Go Green in IT: Best Tips For Everyone

Information and communication systems account for about 25% of electricity consumption in offices. In offices that have dense use of IT systems or if inefficient systems are deployed, the figure may rise as high has 70%. The following can be done to reduce electricity use by your IT systems:

  • Activate sleep/hibernate/standby mode on PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, screens, etc.

  • Review documents and emails on screen instead of printing them. If you do need to print, save paper by printing on both sides or on recycled paper.

  • Do not leave IT and electrical systems running during weekends or overnight.

  • Choose less brightness on screens. Use LEDs instead of LCD, plasma or CRT as LEDs use very less electricity.

  • Activate printer, scanner and other devices only when you need to use them.

  • Reduce lighting in room for better screen visibility. This will allow you to use less brighter screens.

  • Use shared printers, scanners and other devices. Use virtualization to decrease use of computers.

  • Use Green IT peripherals to reduce electricity use.

  • Change in IT service processes may also reduce electricity usage. E.g By eliminating waste, redundant or inefficient process, you can save electricity and other resources.

These are some of the best tips to go green. Do you have something in mind on how to go greener? Please do share it with others by commenting in the comments box below.

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