Learn Secret to Buying Cheaper Air-ticket on Any Website

Do you often purchase air tickets online? How to buy cheaper air tickets online? Have you ever noticed that while checking air fare on different dates on the airline website, the fare drastically changes and goes up in seconds or minutes?

Perhaps you think that fare has quickly changed because people have just booked seats. It is true that lesser the seats, higher the fare. So, anyone booking an airline ticket online will see rapidly increasing fare while looking at seats on different dates and by changing destination, date or time of the flight - all this contributes to higher fare being displayed on the screen even if there is no change in seat availability.

Why Does this Happen?

Of course, it seems to be unfair. The airlines try to fetch more money from the one who they (their intelligent website) think that he/she really needs to buy a ticket and might buy the ticket at that time or within the same hour. The website monitors our activity on the website and if spend good enough time on the website by looking at different tickets, browsing different dates, time, etc, the site has built-in mechanism to increase the airfare.

Can I Prevent Airline Website from Increasing the Airfare?

Yes, you can. There is an easy way to fool the website into thinking that you haven't been on the website for long or that you haven't been browsing through tickets on different dates or times.

Whether you use Chrome, Edge or any other browser, it has a safe browsing mode, often called as Incognito mode (Image at right shows how to open Incognito browsing mode in Chrome). When a website is opened in Incognito, the website can not track and record our browsing activity on that website. This results in the airline website always considering you as a fresh site visitor and thus shows you the lowest fares possible at all times.

Give it a try next time you will buy an online air ticket and enjoy lower fares.

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