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Dell vs HP: High-Level Comparison

HP is a direct competitor of Dell. Below i have written a comparison between the both top laptop manufacturing brands.


When it comes to processing power (with the CPU), memory (RAM) and graphics, the Dell laptops are definitely the winner.
So all in all, Dell gives you more power and faster processing.


Those who prefer longer battery time, here Dell loses the race. HP does make laptops with longer battery backup time and this makes HP laptops suitable for portable use.


HP laptops have more stylish design and they suit the office or professional users more. Dell laptops don't have as great design but their body is definitely more solid than of the HP laptops


Dell laptops are cheaper than the HP laptops. The price difference is not really due to technology used in HP and Dell. The price is higher of the HP laptops because HP sells its products through retailers mostly whereas Dell sells through dedicated vendors.

Customer Support

Not a very good metric to judge laptop performance but still this is a factor that contributes to customer satisfaction.
HP has a broad presence of their support agents building support material at Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms. However, more people report delayed response from HP side than from the Dell side. On the other hand, Dell customer service is said to be better than that of HP in terms of response time and efficient customer handling.

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