Definition Of Plagiarism - What Is Plagiarism ?

Plagiarism has been derived from a Latin word meaning "kidnapping". In simple words plagiarism can be defined like stealing or coping someone else ideas, theories or opinions and presenting them under own name.

What is plagiarism? Why is it important? How can we avoid it? In order to answer all these questions we must first clearly understand this term.

These days plagiarism has become very common for academic purpose, it is a serious crime and breach of academic principle which is completely unacceptable. With the introduction of the internet, it is becoming more common between students and even professionals; they usually plagiarized intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Plagiarism is deceitful act and strongly penalized. If a person have a complete knowledge of any subject, there will be no need of doing this shameful act.

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The cut and copy paste phenomenon has become so common that students hardly do any efforts to write their own ideas or even try to use their own knowledge, they usually do so because of short of time or to avoid taking any hassle. (Van Bramer)

Forms of Plagiarism

There are many forms of plagiarism that are improper paraphrasing, coping someone else work, or writing summaries without proper citations. The most common reason of intentional plagiarism is demand and stress of getting good grades. However, unintentional plagiarism can be avoided. There are many people who are not aware of citing references properly and correctly. So, it is our foremost duty to use proper referencing style and quotation marks when using someone else work.

Plagiarism is a dishonest act. It is our duty as an educator to teach students of all age to avoid plagiarism by presenting it and making wrong use of internet facility. This was a brief on "what is plagiarism" . So, if you were looking for definition of plagiarism, I hope this article explained that well to you.

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