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Challenges Posed To Windows Phone By Android

What are the challenges posed to Windows phone By Android? Although Android still remains the biggest shareholder in the market, Windows phone market has started improving the figures. With the launch of Windows 8, many Windows Phones are now seen at par with the Android Phones and iPhones. But the market still pictures a rather harsh and tough scenario for Windows Phones. The major antagonist to the progress of Windows Phone is Android. We can say that following are the challenges posed to Windows Phone by Android.

The Apps market

There is a huge gap between the Android Apps market and the market of Windows Phone Apps. Although, the developers and Microsoft itself, is working very hard to bridge the gap but this process is slow and interlinked. Developers develop only when they see a market and growing number of users; users grow in number when they see a great booming Apps market. So this interlink is making the progress of growth slow. One could find an App of any kind or function on Android but doing so is very hard on Windows Phone.

The Publicity and Image

Android's high end phones are way ahead of Windows Phones when it comes to the cool image factor. It is not wrong to say that most of us use Smartphones as a status symbol. Android phones by HTC and Samsung are way cooler as compared to Windows Phone. Microsoft and Nokia needs to invest into marketing and creating a positive brand image for their Smartphones.

The wide range

The Android Phones are available in a wide range of prices. There are low end phones, mid range phones and high end phones. Hence, there is an Android Smartphone for everyone. This is not the case with Windows Phone. They are mostly expensive and hence less accessible for masses. The third world citizens mostly use the low and mid range phones. So there is little scope for Windows Phones in third world countries.

Windows Phones are doing well as compared to Apple and Blackberry. But there is still a long way to go as Android remain the undisputed king of the Smartphone world.

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