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Alternatives to Google

Alternatives to Google is a giant in the field of internet. It is hard to outshine its success. Owing to the popularity and good service, most of the internet savvy people rely on and its services. The word Google has become synonymous with searching. But some people might not be happy with the services provided by Google. For them, there are several alternatives to Google available that might be good enough for their demands.

DuckDuckGo is a great alternative for people who despise for tracking each and every bit of their data. This search engine has Respect Privacy principle. Not even a single bit of your personal data is recorded. The search results are obtained from free sources like Wikipedia only. So the search would  miss out all the results from commercial sources.

Startpage is the best alternative to It is because it actually retrieves the search results from It takes the user query, strips off the traces of personal data and feeds the query to Google. Hence, the results are totally from Google and your privacy has been taken care of!

Ixquick returns the top ten search results returned from the best Search engines. It only provides ten search results, i.e. the ones that are most favored by all the search engines.


The last in the list of alternatives to Google is It is a very interesting Search engine. It performs various searches and then finds the results that are the best fit and top quality. Those results are then presented as the final result.

It refers to the fact that if you put the same search query in different search engines, the results are strikingly different. So Dogpile brings the best results after various searches. tailors the search results according to the demography and the personal data of the users. For those people who are annoyed by the idea that each of their search query goes into the Google database could use the above mentioned Search engines and get satisfactory results.

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