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Is TV Bad for Children?

Is TV bad for children? Today television has become an essential part of our daily lives. Children are also eager to watch TV when they are free or don't have anything to do. There are a lot of programs that children can watch according to their age, taste or mood such as plays on Disney channel, Cartoons or National Geographic. Today, parents must figure out, is TV good for children under two? Read on for pros and cons of watching TV for the children.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV

Watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages.  According to some Experts, watching of TV especially among children is not good for the health and the mind. On the other hand some argue that TV is not bad for children as it is an effective means which can influence the shaping of the children's future in many parts of the world.


Let's have a look on pros on cons of watching TV. Children imitate the action, the spoken word and/or the personality, therefore watching a lot of television is bad for kids because of the disclosure of violence and unethical activities. TV shows cause children to become abrasive to violence. Another harmful effect of TV is that watching direct TV for many hours affects children's eye-sight as well as it can make them over-weight in early age. To avoid such damages people should use TV guide and follow strictly when instructions given in it, for the health and safety of their children.

Keeps Children Home

Apart from some bad impacts of TV, it is also beneficial in many ways. Instead of playing in streets, your child remains in home and does not involve in bad habits of street crimes. You can keep a close eye on your children.  There are many programs on TV channels that are fruitful for personality grooming of children.

Access to TV Media

There are many ways to access TV channels, such as dish TV, satellite TV, Cable network etc.  Each has its own specialties; some allow users a variety of channels, some offer high quality channels or some offer both with some other advance features.  TV can be accessed via internet. Now you can watch live TV on different websites via internet. There are many of channels available on internet around the world. By watching TV online children can get a lot of information upon worldwide events. In simple words, Online TV is more customized; it is playing great role in making people more informed today.


So, in final words, is watching TV bad for children? In the light of above discussion it can be concluded that it depends upon usage. Children should watch TV but the stuff should be moral and beneficial. Watching too much TV is bad, as excess of anything is bad. There are very few channels available for children under two, therefore parents should restrain them watching TV frequently.

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