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Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

There are several pros and cons of desktop computers. So, if you were wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of desktop PCs, read on to find them out.

Advantages of Desktop PCs

  • Most of the IT hardware parts are upgradable.

  • Cheaper option compared to laptops.

  • Easier to repair, since many IT hardware components like CPU, RAM, Audio, Graphics cards etc are separate parts and can be detached for repair.

  • Desktop computers often have more life than laptop computers

  • A large number of hardware components, allowing one to customize or upgrade his computer as he wishes

  • When it comes to gaming, Desktop PCs are the 1st option since they offer higher power, higher expandability to allow running of rich-graphic games.

Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

Desktop computers not just have advantages, there are disadvantages of desktop computers, too. Let's read about their disadvantages.

  • Heavy to carry and move to another place.
  • Consumes plenty space on your desk.

  • So many cables running into the PC i.e power, video, audio, etc.

  • Must be plugged into power outlet all the time to use.
  • High power Desktop PCs produce noise

  • Needs a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse

These were advantages and disadvantages of desktop computers. 

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