Anticipated Start and Finish Dates in Primavera P6

What is Use of Anticipated Start and Anticipated Finish dates in Primavera P6

You might have seen field to enter Anticipated Start and Anticipated Finish dates in Primavera P6. You will find these fields in the Projects window and WBS window.  So what is their use? These are useful as I will explain below.

Suppose you have not yet added activities in the project and you still want to display bar in the Gantt chart, enter Anticipated dates. It is because you might already know that without having activities there is no bar in the Gantt chart, so by entering Anticipated dates, you can show the bar.

Remember three points about Anticipated dates:

  1. If you entered anticipated dates for a project, the same anticipated dates will show in WBS window, for the project bar.

  2. If in the WBS window you change anticipated dates for the project level, these dates will also change the anticipated dates in the project window.

  3. However, you can add WBS elements and each element can have independent anticipated dates, which will also show their own bar in the Gantt chart

So now you know the advantage of using anticipated dates. The fact that you can show project bar and WBS bar even before adding activities makes is very useful to have the anticipated date fields.

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