Health Benefits of Sparkling Water

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Health Benefits of Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is basically carbonated water, which is sold under many names such as sparkling water, fizzy water, soda water, seltzer water and some more names. Use and availability of sparking water in market shelves is getting increased day by day. More people are buying sparking water, hence the sale of this product is increasing very fast.

The following are benefits of sparkling water for everyone.

  • Sparkling water keeps your stomach full for a long time. If you are on the route of loosing your weight, this could be helpful as you won’t feel the need to eat more when you drink sparkling water.
  • Carbonated water is helpful in keeping your body hydrated for long time.
  • Compared to regular water, the sparkling water has more minerals in it, such as magnesium, which helps in your body to perform better.
  • It helps in digestion. Those who have problem in digesting food, or are suffering from constipation or if you are going to be eating more food than usual, sparkling water will help you in better and quicker digestion of the consumed food.
  • For those having difficulty in swallowing food will find it easy to clear the throat when they consume sparkling water.
  • According to a research, carbonated water increases good HDL cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, it decreases bad LDL cholesterol, excess sugar in the blood and inflammation in the body.

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