Significance and Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

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Dynamics of Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a significant theory for marketers who intend to improve their marketing strategies. For understanding the consumer behavior marketer try to know how consumer feels, how they think.

Consumer behavior plays a vital role in the success of a product . marketers largely depend upon consumer position of behavior. There are several dynamics of consumer behavior, some cultural issues, family values, decision making process of consumer, factors which affected consumer behavior.  Consumer also have special consideration on cultural and special occasions where marketers seems to highlight their product in special manner along with they offer free gifts and limited time scheme so consumer prefer to buy them.

Consumer behavior can change in different periods of time, for example if they like to take tea or fresh juices in the evening so marketers feel better to show such type of advertisement in this specific period. 

Media has been playing specific role for changing the consumer behavior but some time immature marketing for some diet products or some time marketers seems to provide easy way to obtained credit at flexible terms for consumers without having any precautions.  For understanding the consumer behavior we need to understand the reason where consumer prefer to buy comfortably and which factors are attractive for consumer for buying a product.

Consumer Buying Process

Consumer buying process also influenced consumer to buy a certain item, we can divide consumer buying process in various phases, awareness of needs and some time desire to buy a product because of some external motivation.

Some time consumer gets information from their own mind and sometime they feel to get external information from friends , relatives etc. purchase decision with some alternatives includes some choices , several packages are highly appreciated. If Mode of payment are relaxed to consumer they prefer to buy it.

Pre-Purchase & Post Purchase Behavior

Consumer behavior may be different before purchase a product and after purchase or hiring services so mature marketers has to focus both the behaviors in their strategy

Marketers want to know about consumer behavior? Well, marketers often used some different techniques to know the opinion of consumer about their product or service. Some time they go for taking surveys from general people and further surveys are also in the form of mail, consumer feels easy to make a conversation on phone rather then face to face interview, because consumer may be reluctant to discuss all things from interviewer in face to face meetings.

Personal interview can be really helpful but its so costly but if company can manage it so then it can be so interesting and effective as well. interviewer can elaborate all the things and then he can take better from consumer.

Online surveys can also be effective irrespective of this thing that all the people will not have access.

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior:

In generally a lot of factors affecting consumer behavior like cultural trends , values, perceptions , social , education level, wealth, region of consumer either they belong from African American or Asian American or other regions, economic conditions. We can summarize these factors in four major factors:

  • Psychological factors
  • Sociological factor
  • Economic factor

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