Secrets to a Longer Life

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Tips to Live Longer

The life of a person could be stretched long by making the right lifestyle choices. The health of a person significantly depends upon the habits of an expectant mother. Drinking and smoking of a pregnant could lead to physical as well as mental disabilities. A stressed mother would give birth to a child who won’t be good at handling stress. Although a part of the human health depends upon the genes inherited and the behavior and care of the mom-to-be but good lifestyle choices could further help in having a long and healthy life. Good health habits you can adopt for a longer life, include:

  • Outdoor activities make us healthy. Sunlight provides Vitamin D to the body which helps in the absorption of important minerals from food. These minerals are needed to make the bones strong.
  • Regular exercise might seem like a hard habit to adopt. But it has immense benefits. Exercise means a healthier heart that reduces chances of cardiovascular diseases. It helps in boosting the mental health and hence a better management of stress, pressure and anxiety.
  • The bones stay strong until the 30s. But after that the graph starts descending as the bone density begins to decrease. A diet high in calcium and regular exercise can help in keeping the bones strong and reducing the chances of fractures and other bone diseases.
  • It has been proved that loneliness is a silent killer of the elderly. The senior citizens should socialize and have friends that would keep them happy and mentally healthy. The risk of isolation shall be minimized.
  • Avoid junk food; it leads to obesity. Avoid high salt intake; it could lead to high blood pressure and related issues. Avoid smoking; it could become the root of more than 50 deadly diseases.
  • A happy childhood would produce healthy adults. People with unhappy childhood have greater risk of heart ailments in later years.

These easy habits (secrets to longer life) could lead to a longer, healthier and happier life.

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