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Love has captured our imagination and curiosity for thousands of years. Whether it is poet, scientist or philosopher, the idea of love is fascinating and yet enigmatic.

Love is not novel. Almost all of us feel the rush of falling in love for the first time at some point in life. Many of us also cling to this love for long years. People feel deep affection and love for friends and family.

But let’s see what science of love is from a biological perspective.

What cocaine actually does is that it lowers the threshold of pleasure centers in the brain hence it is easy to feel good. That is why when a person is in love, he feels good all the time and it is very easy to make him happy. Because of this you not only feel love for that one person but also build a romanticized view of the world around you.Love has definite bonds with the evolution and survival of humankind. Fiction associated love with the heart but reality supports that love actually happens in the brain. Science has proven that the brain of a person deep in love is similar to that of a cocaine addict.

A person in the dawn of love has low levels of a chemical called serotonin. This is the same deficiency as the one faced by a person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That is why we hardly focus on anything while being in love and say that I think about her all the time. Now we know what causes obsession and infatuation during early love.

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The brain releases certain chemicals that not only make us crave the company of our loved ones but also makes the heart more sexually aroused. Love is not just an emotional drive; it is a drive from the motor of the mind. This provides the body with focus and energy.

These areas associated with romantic love can stay active for decades. And that is why many people tend to fall deeper and deeper in love as the time passes.

Along with the many physiological and psychological components that add up to give rise to love, science is still not sure about exactly why or how love works. Yet, somehow
we all seem to know it when we feel it!

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