Must-Go Places to Visit in Pakistan

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Although travel through any place (I repeat Any place) of Pakistan, as of 2019, is safe, for locals and foreigners alike. 

On the media, it may look as though war is on in Pakistan, it is not the case. A few times in a year, terrorist attacks do occur, but these happen mostly where the defense forces are deployed or at their buildings. Attacks at public places or at tourist sites is very very rare.

Places for Natural Sightseeing

Do not underestimate the natural beauty that is found in Pakistan. The northern areas of Pakistan offers highly beautiful sightseeing, literally that would amaze anyone. The Pakistan’s natural beauty is incomparable with natural beauty in other countries.

You will find rivers, lakes, glaciers, mountains and many more places in Pakistan to enjoy and feel afresh. The following is the list of must-must-see places in Pakistan for natural sightseeing as well as for other activities like trekking, walking and relaxing.


Hunza is 600kms from Islamabad, the capital. Hunza offers highly beautiful natural sightseeing. Other than that, there are beautiful rivers, villages, fortresses, glaciers and more. This is also a great place for walks, cycling and trekking.

I recommend you to Google these cities one by one and see how these places look in real.


This is the capital and Pakistan and is a highly beautiful city. Whether you are from US, Nigeria or Japan, you are bound to like it. It is also a well-known fact that Islamabad is considered 2nd most beautiful city in the world, after London.

In Islamabad, you will find plenty of dining places, places for hiking, cycling, walking, and relaxing. Not to miss the mention of Monal restaurant at Pir Sohawa, located on Margalla Hills, should also be in your must-go places in Islamabad.


This hilly station is only 50-kms from Islamabad. It is a cold city that also gets plenty of snow during winters. In Murree you can enjoy the natural sigh-seeing, walk through ‘The Mall Road’ for shopping, dining, horse-riding and more.

From Murree, you can further travel 70 kms to arrive Muzaffarabad. Around this small city you will find heavenly places like Neelum Valley, Chakothi and more.

Kaghan, Naran

These two twin cities are home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, including ‘Saif ul Malook lake’, ‘Aanso lake’, ‘Lulu sar’, ‘Dudi patsar’, ‘Saral lake’. Each of these lakes should be in your must-must-see places list. In Kaghan, Naran, you will also find plenty of places for walking and trekking.


This beautiful city is located at North West of Pakistan. You can get here by taking a flight from Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi.

Chitral comprises many beautiful valleys like ‘Kalash Valley’. You have the opportunity for trekking, gliding, rock climbing, walks and trekking.

These were the top must go and safe places to visit in Pakistan.
Islamabad                                                                Hunza                                                                          Passu Cones

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