We read a lot in papers that fully constructed buildings and towers fall, resulting in innumerable deaths. There are various reasons for construction failures, which include the following.

Employment of Unprofessional Workers

Usually, the workers who are involved in a construction project are hired on contractual basis. Since they are not permanent employees they are not granted enough time to work well and to screen their work. Sometimes people who have never been involved in a construction project are enrolled in the work. There is not much guidance given to them in areas of mixing and cement application and doing other construction work. It is assumed that workers are quite aware of their job requirements. As it is not a white collar job thus there is nothing like interview sessions.

Inadequate Material Standards

As mentioned earlier, construction projects are on contractual basis so low cost materials are bought to save in financial terms. It is obvious that cement is the most important component in the construction process. Low quality cement is cheap but it causes a huge decline in the standard of the constructed building. The time for wear and tear is reduced and the building texture becomes more vulnerable to factors like dust and train. As a result the outside texture of constructed building stats to erode at a very quick rate and with the passage of time, the overall structure becomes weaker and weaker. Hence ultimately the building falls resulting in irrecoverable human loss.

Hasty Efforts

Some construction companies stress on the quantity factor in stead of the quality. They have multiple projects at a time. Their goal is to finish the maximum number of projects to maximize their monetary belongings. As a result they are careless in areas like product quality and process monitoring. A construction project deals with the lives of various people who reside in these buildings for years and years. Hence a construction company should work sincerely and with a dedicated approach to serve these people.

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