Facebook admits itself that its use can leave people feel feeling worse and that it can be bad for user’s mental health.Do we need more proof that supports the claim that Facebook effects one’s mental health?

There are researchers who say that using social networking sites, including Facebook can damage the emotional well-being of people. When the mental health is effected, sleep problem, feeling of anxiety arises. Furthermore, people start to have depression and feel loneliness, said the participants of the research.

It is found in other studies that reading other people’s Facebook profile leads to negative social comparison. Furthermore, reading other people’s posts about their good life such as exciting travel experiences, beautiful family moments, bliss, money, etc. that they possess leave the person with inferiority complex and jealousy. This causes one to feel worse and feel down.

These are the issues that are experienced several times a day, since Facebook users tend to use Facebook several times a day. There are further consequences for being addicted to Facebook, which are mentioned here.

Even an old study, which was conducted in 2013 showed that the more time young people spend time on Facebook, the worse they feel. More and more people nowadays experience bad moods, and other mental issues due to Facebook.  That was the reason perhaps Facebook considered introducing a few features in Facebook that would allow people to take a break from Facebook. The feature though small, may help people a bit with their mental health. The feature ‘take a break’ allows users choose what they want to see of their Facebook friends (e.g. exes, friends, superiors) and what they can see of yours.

We just learnt about effects of Facebook on one’s mental health. But it doesn’t end here, let us look at more problems we can face with Facebook. Read on…

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